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  1. Ass on Houston Texas, but the face looks just like Claire Hugstible OH!

    1. Wood
    2. iwannabeloud


      Claire Huxtable is a beautiful woman.

  2. Its a fact that the dmm and clamp wont figure in power factor. But at the end of the day 99% of users only care about the end result and not so much how your arrived there. Hence back wood hill billy rigged fixes.. if it "works", who cares how kinda logic. So if you come up with 783va vs 779w most ppl simply do not care how you got there or how unreliable the va number is.. all they know is the correct undisputable method is prohivitively more expensive. As long as that remains true, getting the masses to covert to the truth will always remain a struggle. Smd/ ce products are actually reall
  3. Good Morning.

    1. evermaxx


      Glad to know you made it thru the purge.

    2. Miguels


      i thought you quit car audio?

    3. ROLEXrifleman


      The purge, that's great!!

  4. I guess Ill see if im bant in the am.

  5. Nice amp for sure. I just have a quick question. What exactly is the dynamic test? I mean it seems a little odd. It seems to me like a possible 1 sec number, when lightning strikes, like a max rating. Nothing against the amp. Nothing against the test either. Im sure the test is accurate and has its validity, but I cant see where that applies for most of us. Its like an in kick SPL score for us window guys. The score is still valid in its own right, but its not really meaningful to our standard of scoring. If that makes any sense.
  6. Im am a cost vs performance person mostly, but cost aside, My favorite woofer is DD. It just sounded much better and cleaner than anybother woofers and ive heard many like most of us. The only downside being cost, but I got it second hand .. Amps wise, I have say sundown only because I put my 3k through a ton and it never skipped a beat. But that being said most quality korean amps are fairly similar so id be less inclined to pick say sundown or crescendo I wouldnt say one is a lot better than the other. Especially given some of the price points these days.. Hu wise I prefer pioneer. I hav
  7. Like meade said its a story. Stories are alwayyys better when their true. Like think about some crazy ass story idk like war stories and shit. I mean I could cry thinking about the pain amd sufferring people went through and the struggles and shit and what those ppl did fpr me so I could live my life and not have to fight everyday just to be freee etc etc. But all that is moving bc its true. Shit actually went down. Like so many sacrifices were made. That was ppls everyday fucking life watching thier families get murdered in the street. What if suddenly all that was false. It loses ALL OF IT
  8. When did being accused of shooting someone make you real? Guess Im getting oldBecause there are a lot of people making money off of fake imagines now a days. So are we supposed to applaud him for being an actual piece of shit and not just pretending to be one? No, but it drives me crazy when ppl just talk talk talk and its alllllll bull. I hate that guy whos like I fucked this bitch and I beat this guys ass and if you gonna pull a gun better use it guy. When everybody knows hes a bitch. Like isaid Im condoning anything. It is what it is. But at least on some level I respect the man who spea
  9. I like how the filter is actually marked throughout the range. I always thought that would be helpful for users..as long as its right anyway
  10. Put me down for 4 entries I forgot to make a donation for ALS. So I'm happy to put my money where my mouth is and help a good cause. Thanks for posting this bc I woulda been too lazy to go and make a donation otherwise
  11. I agree 25 was terrabad. Ill wait till holiday season and buy it for 30.
  12. H3 always says hes the realest out there. Guess so. Not condoning shootin someone, but if you walk it like you talk it no matter what the context is, I can respect that. Then again who am I kidding I could be totally wrong too lol.
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