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  1. how long have you been using it like that for?
  2. well i haven't had a problem with heat and dustcap felt cool right after and also you can't see in the pics but their is marks on the pad from the lead slapping it, but thats besides the point. can it put new lead on it if so how? i know psi sells leads
  3. its a d2 in a 6 cu ft box tuned to 32. no it was not abuse it was set with oscope at volume 23 i never turn it higher then 21, all music i play is decaf or stuff i went through to make sure its not clipping. its on an audiopipe 1500d dosent get hot or smell. the sub is about 2 years old now. it appears that it was hitting the pads on the cone and frayed the wire tell it was thin enough to burn up. odd that they both went out at same time
  4. i got a dc level 4 18 and last night sub started sound real scratchy and bad for a second then it quit. took it out of the box and found at 1 tinsel lead on each side broke. i wanted to know is it possible to replace the leads so i don't have to spend a bunch on a recone. thanks
  5. looking for a used sundown sa-12 D4 coil anyone on here selling ot links to another site is fine
  6. yo gotti upset havn't played in the truck yet but it looks pretty loud on audacity. its on cm5 just came out the week
  7. never heard a bl but my lvl 4 has been playin for a year now
  8. i got an old keyboard and it works idk why it happened the other keyboard was fine this afternoon
  9. On my computer when I type it pops up with cary leters like Backspace button - az= Letter A - azs Letters Q through Y do nothing Number 1 - 1=sx The only key that seems to work correctly is the space bar. I restarted the computer and tryed using a diffrent web browser burt nothing is working
  10. the drop makes the car rims didn't seem right to me when it was stock hight. i think that blacking the tails out would really complete the look.
  11. dc level 4 will be more then 200 but email rusty to get a prices shipped
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