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  1. They look great man....keep at it and keep challanging yourself with each project.
  2. Haha. I am alive....busy as hell....in charge of research and development...with a very great company....workin with fiberglass damn near every day... my Mr Memphis is great...the light of my life!! He will be 9 already in january..
  3. Me too and I got it cheap...bad motor but I've found a built 460 with mounts tranny,headers aluminum intake and a holley 750 for 800 bucks..
  4. i should kick you in the ding ding for amking a post like this without a picture haha theres the Bronco
  5. Yes there will be some new build logs coming,that's for sure...but this time the glassman will be spending a lot of time behind a welder. Lol..I bought a lifted 79 bronco on 36s and were gonna build a beast this winter
  6. We are going to attempt a Canti Lever setup in the frontend as soon as I get a bay opened up in the shop..wher it can sit for a few days,,no the car STILL hasn't been sold..so ill hold on to it..just because my boss wants me to keep it and he's gonna help with some of the funding.
  7. I don't think ill have any issues with the crossmember,,simply because I planned for this back in 07 when I started the body kit..I won't have to travel a real long ways to put the kit on the ground
  8. Well,after some herbal eye opening on sunday...we thinx we may have come up with a way to lay out the front of this car....on stock struts!!whoot it'll be far more appealing..and cut the cost in half..
  9. hey guys i need some help from thos of you who know where to find this stuff........can any of you halp me find air struts or strut bags for the frontend of my 88 cavalier.. ive been searching online...to the best of my ability and im having NO luck....
  10. that looks great, thank you...im trying to convince the owner to bag it
  11. simple,,,lay it out,tuck the wheel and tint the winderz not the best pix,but the car has not been delivered yet... ill get better pix when it gets here
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