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  1. Hey SMD long time... Getting around to selling my Scion tC that I have listed in my signature. This very odd issue has occurred a few times now and I haven’t been able to isolate the problem. A little background on the build, every speaker wire is run on its own to the back amps. Head unit is a PRS-80, on old alpine v12 amps, sundown 6.5 speakers, Dayton audio mids and tweeters. The subwoofers never has an issue and always plays. I tested swapping amps and it eventually led to the same problem, however it was another v12 model alpine amp. To see my full build you can check my signature. Problem: The left side of the audio system in my car slowly stops working after a couple weeks. If I unplug and replug all the speaker ends at the amplifier the left side works again. Any recommendations on son how to isolate the issue?
  2. To be honest I've been out of the game too long to make a good recommendation. I'm sure someone on the forum would know better than me.
  3. Those Hertz sound fantastic, but to really get loud you want the pro drivers. Have a listen to them both and thats the best way to decide what you like. You could also go wainai style and get fitted with a bunch of 6x9's
  4. Everything you see in he photos shipped to you for 80 bucks. I was going to use these in an installation that never came to fruition. I cannot seem to upload a photograph so please see the Dropbox link. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/04qn8zk8j2kpp7h/AADChSEGfqyIKjnJFJLTmq35a?dl=0 thanks SMD!
  5. Thank goodness this truck is in your hands! Saving someones life from driving with that wiring mess haha. Excited for the progress. Tuned in
  6. Hi SMD, Selling a good condition Rockford Fosgate Punch 800a4. Purchased this amp years ago from a member here on SMD. Today, I tested the amp and the Rear Right speaker output does not work, everything else seems functional. Please see the photographs for more information. Text me at 310-529-9203 $150 Shipped and Insured! Located in Southern California Thank you!
  7. I'm not sure I had it on a 1998 Ford explorer sport pretty sure it was a 4.0L SOHC
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