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  1. Hi Selling my leftover wires, a whole bunch of wires and goodies all for $60 SHIPPED this box weighs 32.2lbs so you're getting a decent amount of copper. I think I paid like $3 a foot for the welding cable. The welding cable in Flexprene made in USA 2/0 Figured someone could use these instead of me storing them for a while. Not tryna make a big profit just trying to cover shipping and my time. The longer runs are 14.5' 13' 7.5' a bunch of shorter runs and smaller size wires 1/0 to 10 gauge Thanks SMD!! Stay safe
  2. Thank goodness this truck is in your hands! Saving someones life from driving with that wiring mess haha. Excited for the progress. Tuned in
  3. Hey guys... first time posting in this section, so Hi! I was wondering if there is any love for colt 1911's and any thread dedicated to it. Looking to learn more about it and upgrades that are worthwhile. Basically any advice Cheers!
  4. bump for help, I wanna run my car, but I dont wanna run it at 12.22 volts
  5. Hey guys I've been lagging on my build and I went to start the car a week ago and the alternator is charging at 12.2V. I have a Mechman 220 with adjustable voltage blue screw thing. I tested the amperage and it is putting out 40-60 amps when AC is on and 20 when idle. Just confused as to why the voltage doesnt work now? Any help is greatly appreciated Thank you Here's the shot when I installed it: Here's the alt
  6. amazing work as usual. Making fabrication look easy peasy. BTW I love how you still have to put a disclaimer about the subs distortion over your little camera mic. haha
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