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  1. Id like to hear some sp4 some day. Alot of good things been said about them for sure. You nailed it though with the vs thread and all that, but kind of hard to avoid when there realky are so many dif options for a newer guy with 600 to spend on sub/subs. Id say read read and read more. Watch some vids and then itll give the op more of an idea of what each option is. I personally like customer service. Nothing like beimg able to get ahold of the company to get a straight forward answer as opposed to needing an answer and never gettin a reply til weeks or months later and then not even getting the right info. Ok ok my adhd is flying out of control here lol somim gonna go for lunch lol be easy yall.
  2. Sundown e series subs are great subs and wont disappoint for their price. If your new start slow,read alot here and gomfrom there. Lots of options,to thenpoint youll juat have to decide on your own what you want to have. But thats my suggestion based on hearing them and you being newer to the audio stuff.
  3. Whats up yaaaalllllll haha first post in a looong time. Damn life can get busy as hell and next thing you know,grey whiskers lol. Good to see alot of the same peeps around. Sad to hear of some that have passed. This thread is gold though. Awesome support. I plan to be more active after i get used to overnights instead of am shift lol no bass at all in my rides but i think thats gonna change
  4. Ha well I figured I can get atleast 10.5 cubes without any glassing out towards the wheel Wells. Amps and battery etc can go behind the front seats. The subs will get more power then rated so it'll be fun lol. Just gonna see what these lil shits can do and step up do better quality in the future.
  5. Yessir got a build log around someplace ha I can do whatever build wise, I just lack in the design part a bit with something like this.
  6. Oh we want the most cone area possible too lol
  7. Well we can use every inch of trunk space and can possibly do a 4th order of some type. I can glass up the wheel well too to get all space possible. Seen 4 10s in cabs which have like half the space
  8. Buddy has a 98 grandprix 2 door. Its a budget build but we want very good output. Already have some equipment. Idea is 6 kicker comp 10s and 3 Sony amps,not sure the exact model but says 1100 Watts each lol. We wanna keep subs in trunk. Ill have to get exact measurements but any ideas on box style? Bandpass ported through rear arm rest? Ported blowthrough style? He's pretty open minded on ideas to. If any info is needed just ask. I'm slow trying. To learn this new phone so might take me a min on here lol
  9. ok how bout... can anybody point me in the right direction on where a guy could acquire the bass version of pink floyd? thought it was under bigpimpns tracks but cant find. havent been on here much lately FTL

  10. I like the pics of the old build mang and by the looks of em this new one should be nice too. Lol @ all the critics of your amps. As long as the owner of their own build is happy its all that matters. Bet they wouldnt like it if everybody went and judged there equipment. Budget is needed sometimes. I have 6 kids so thats my budget reasons lol. Congrats on the gettin hitched too mang. Big step in life and hope yall the best
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