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  1. Whats up yaaaalllllll haha first post in a looong time. Damn life can get busy as hell and next thing you know,grey whiskers lol. Good to see alot of the same peeps around. Sad to hear of some that have passed. This thread is gold though. Awesome support. I plan to be more active after i get used to overnights instead of am shift lol no bass at all in my rides but i think thats gonna change
  2. Lol feel free to ride up anytime j. Im at the shop mon-fri 8am-around 4,5ish. Were doing a fundraiser car wash for the veterans this saturday. Think stephen and his woman ridin out. Ill be there til around 5. Ya more than welcome to come chill whenever mang. Text me up
  3. Lol it was funny because we werent out blastin for long at all and was the most random thing an old timer like that could of said lol. 2 cars, 7k and 4 15s between the two cars made a lil noize i guess. I wish i would of got the dude on vid after the old guy but he was way too heated lol face all red looked like he was gonna pull out a shot gun lol. we werent tryin to be dicks and annoy the people it just happened that way. My boss needed to hear some pretty decent beat and my team/buddies came through for a few min lol played for 5ish min total. Oh well what can ya do, small town full of older people in northern mn dont get into bass much.
  4. met up with a couple buddies from our team at my work and one of the neighbors came over and, well watch the vid...
  5. bump. these go for 1,100 ish online. 600 bucks for a very nice amp
  6. ok how bout... can anybody point me in the right direction on where a guy could acquire the bass version of pink floyd? thought it was under bigpimpns tracks but cant find. havent been on here much lately FTL

  7. ok so i am posting this amp up for a team mate and good buddy of mine. amp is in great shape and works flawlessly. its running off a mechman alt and 2 group 31s in the trunk and pushing 2 DC level 4 15s. its less then a year old from brand new. if any more info is needed feel free to text me at (218)410-9598 or Brandon (the owner) at (218)410-2558. i have sold, bought and traded on here and have all positive feedback. the price is $600. on to pics... sorry if they are not the best, it was freezing and a bit windy lol MN for ya i dont have net right now so texting my celly or brandons would be the best and fastest way to get in touch for offers and/or questions. there are a few on here that have heard this and can vouch too. thanks for looking
  8. For sure, Thats how we roll mang !!!!!! TEAM NOIZE VIOLATION !!!!!!
  9. my boy josh aka jokerklowns 99 blazer doin work ha
  10. turkey and beer rooooolzs haha

  11. Ok i hear ya orionstang. With the amp choice id do the 2ks out of price to the 7.5k and will most likely pickup one of them before making a final decision on sub. One thing i should also add is the enclosure i could build for the xl 15 would lack a few things due to size. I couldnt add 45s to the corners and not much bracing at all, single layer everywhere but the front where i could double it. With the level 5 12 id have room to double layer all around, add bracing and 45s in the corners. Id also have more room for more port. Im not out for sq i just want it to hit hard n get pretty damn low. Thanks for the responses and i will def be considering everything thats been said
  12. Ok so what im gettin is i could prob get close to the same output and or sound either choice, just depends on what space i want to give up for build or equipment? I thought about the level 5 15 too trust me lol but considerin i cant give up the whole trunk and would need more amps and batt with any size level 5 over the xl id go with the 12 there. Hmm, thinkin keeps on goin lol. I plan to start buyin equipment after the new year so theres still time to decide. Anybody ever hear the 2 dif subs in person by chance? The xl 15 and level 5 12. Im thinkin with the monster motor force of the level 5 it just has to be a mean lil shit. Ive had the level 4 15 and xl 15 to compare and damn the xl just was on another level ha
  13. Ok sorry ahead of time if i get long winded here lol. Ive been going back and forth on my next build for a damn year now and heres where im a bit stuck. I either want to do a single DC 15" on a dc 2k or a single 12" dc lvl 5 on 2 dc 2ks strapped. Id want to do the xl because i loved my old xl 15 and know what box size works and fits in my trunk. However ive been thinking the lvl 5 12 to try something dif than before. I would also have more space taking that route to build a beefier and more efficiant box but wouldnt have to cone area of the 15. So wonderin what yall think and why. What benifits other then what i already know should i consider. They are both beasts in my book and know id be happy either way but either setup is alot dif from eachother. Ok im done blabbin lol
  14. Im finally able to sign in from my celly, its just really damn slow.

  15. fude rools!!

    1. siccostyle


      ^^^is that^^^

      rude fools or

      food rules?


  16. anybody know much about beyma products please help me out, i posted in the mids and highs section. thanks much

  17. check out my boy jokerklowns 4th order BP build with 4 18 DCs, got to see it this past sat and its legit to say the least

  18. net10 prepaid cell phones, anybody have anything to say about them? good or bad? looking into trying one out

    1. ChampN252


      my old man has one and he likes it. They have some kind of thing were you can get double the minutes when you buy there card for free. I would ask around at a store about it.

    2. Ghetto Kid

      Ghetto Kid

      Yeah man there great. I just started with them a few months ago and the service is good and my phone is decent for a $30 one. I got the lg 900g

  19. net10 prepaid cell phones, anybody have anything to say about them? good or bad? looking into trying one out

  20. XLs are very nice. i had a 15" level4 then upgraded to the XL 15". how much cash are you willin to put up, thats a better ??. many dif options but depends on what you want to spend.
  21. checkin out Ren from dojas show on youstream

  22. goofy ass sheet lol. its gonna be a good night of fights though. Jones FTW
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