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  1. I've been out the car audio loop for a while. I'm in the market for a double din head unit. I want it to be able to connect to buy android. My brand preference is Pioneer, kenwood or alpine. Price isn't an issue
  2. What is the difference in the two meters? I know the smd meters are pretty much self explanatory
  3. I'm looking to join a team in the baton rouge area. So if anyone have any info please let me know
  4. I know db-r used to sell refurbs, since their out of the picture what's a good place to look?
  5. you sure you dont want to let one go? lol ampere 125.4 looks pretty powerful also 200 watts per channel
  6. yea i do want a beast of an amp but i know it will be hard to find on of those...i think dc have the only one that comes close to the 200x4
  7. This amp looks like it's a monster...When will it be available to purchase
  8. i didnt i was just wondering since all of their higher end subs have a lot of options
  9. What's a good estimate on the power handling of a zv4 with nightshade parts
  10. I was afraid that wouldn't be enough power..saw a vid on YouTube with a guy that have the same truck add mine have two nightshades with a ns1 and the subs look like they are barely moving
  11. I've considered going with a single scv 6000 or ns1 but I have a strong feeling I'll be adding another sub
  12. maximizing output...they will be custom with nsv2 coils
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