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  1. you will like it. i have know a lot of people that run NS1 on them.
  2. let me know when you want a demo. I want a demo to where you from? Monterey CA
  3. Well if you like low end monsters get these, the box is built for 18s but i am just waiting on recones for the new 18s, there are 10s and they get DOWN.
  4. I have two in a massive box tuned to 27 and it gets brutal. shakes everything. but they can take some power. if you want it tuned low like that on that power just make sure your gains are set properly.. the subs do like to get stinky fast if its not done correctly. solid electrical and power and that 18 will get down.
  5. Pretty excited for this especially since the makers of battlefield are making it. The Reveal....
  6. The first video is the old zv4 10 and the second is the brand new one. old one moves like crazy. not sure if the suspension is deferent. let me know what you think. both are reading a perfect 2 oms. wired to half. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx5Dimyygqw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7a5nn6g7IM
  7. Hey guys i need help trying to make my back window stop flexing. i am loosing so much output from it and it makes a horrid noise. do you have any tips or tricks or should i find a solid window or see if i can get one. here is a video you can kinda hear the noise over the subs. thanks... oh and subs cut out because voltage dropped too low 6 batteries and still waiting on that alternator.
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