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  1. I used to like the iPhone, but they've slowed dramatically as far as innovation so I don't care for them anymore. But as far as aftermarket support and saturation, they have the game on lock!
  2. Sorry to revive such an old thread but there's alot of misinfo here so I just wanted to clarify. I have a cda-117 and it recognizes and plays music off my 320gb 2.5" external hd just fine. It will break it up by album/artist/song etc. so long as its tagged right. I am having an issue with file structure go I have to work that out....I just assumed I could simply copy my entire music folder which is organized by artist/album/songs but of the 10k songs I have loaded on it, the deck is only seeing about 250....so I gotta figure out the file structure it likes and make the necessary changes. My drive is a Toshiba Canvio Basics 3.0, no external power supply needed and my decks powers up the drive just fine. The road I drive to work is kinda rough and I had no issue at all this morning with skipping music. My deck does bank music in blocks of 1000 and that banking takes a while but I can listen to music while thats going on so no worries there. So hopefully I can get my music collection arranged in a way the deck likes this weekend and be good to go.
  3. No, not quite a coin toss, at least not in my opinion. The major faults with the HOX is no removeable battery, no microSD slot and horribly crippled multitasking. Being a heavy user I need to be able to swap batteries when needed. And being stuck with 12gb of useable space just wouldn't cut it. I'm not too concerned with official updates cause I'm a member of XDA so they usually have the latest and greatest before they're available officially. For example, Jelly Bean isn't set for official release for another week or two but guys that have the newest Galaxy Nexus have been running it for a week or two now. Matter of fact, it's booting on the GS3 too, although not fully functional yet. I did. Got it from Best Buy...they gave it to me for free, long story. But yeah, sick phone. Just rooted it yesterday and installed CWM...haven't flashed a rom yet, nothing available really excites me but CM9 is coming.
  4. Well, I've got a year to enjoy the savings and just might go satellite once this is up.
  5. Well hopefully I have the same experience. Haven't really got much recordings setup yet but we'll see. LoL, the fucking router is huge! But since it's the hub for all the services I guess it's to be expected. At least I get to ditch my other router and Comcasts' big, old fashioned modem...I'd take AT&T's huge, futuristic looking modem/router over this POS I had from Comcast any day!Comcast AT&T That's what got us to switch, they offered cable and internet for $85.....We're paying about $150 w/Comcast for the same thing but with their phone service too. So we added HD programming (way more HD channels than Comcast), the phone service (which I was able to talk them down to $13 a month from $35 a month ) and got HBO and Showtime free for 6 months and are still paying about $40 less than Comcast. Yeah, my girl was all sad at first cause she thought we weren't gonna have On-Demand. I'm def a football fan and will pick that up when the season starts for sure. RedZone is the shit!
  6. Both are flagship phones for their maker and the cream of the crop when it comes to Android phones. If you were going to buy one, which one would you get and why? SGS3 HTC One X
  7. 12mb d/l and about 2-3mb u/l....nothing to brag about but plenty fast for me.
  8. Anybody got this service? What do you think about it? I just got it today and so far so good. I have the U450 cable package w/HD content, the Max internet package and the Voice unlimited phone package, all for $115 a month. Of course because it's new i'm loving it, I like the UI of the cable way better than Comcast, some things in it are easier to do (like setting series recordings), the internet opens very fast and browsing/download speeds are as fast if not faster than Comcast....the phone, meh, it was only $13 so why not? If you've had U-Verse, chime in, let me know what you think about the service.
  9. Another banger! This one has that super hard snare drum kick, doubles and more, check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAc_pIgj6BI
  10. SGS3 has both SD expansion and removable battery
  11. Thanks man. I'm not exactly satisfied with how the video came out, aside from my awesome editing skills ....I think I need to experiment with more HD settings and mic volume levels, etc. My Hawaiian warrior head was jumping around like crazy, the vid didn't capture that too well for some reason. That's what I said the first time I played this setup, this single 12 gets down!
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