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  1. This post is old as hell, but anybody in here running a set? Curious how they do against other 8's in same price range...
  2. What kind of 8's? Looking at a pair of x8's on 750 rms or so a piece. You did a 4th order with aeroports or just a 4th order? (Just want to make sure I'm reading that right)
  3. Not a DD, maybe dust cap but not a DD sub. Looks like DC basket
  4. sounds like a plan.. original plans consisted of a x12 since i’ve never ran sundown. once I took measurements I realized the 12” was out of the picture. I guess this will be my next best option. Little more than I want to spend per woofer, but not terrible.
  5. Anyone feel free to chime in on a possibility of running a 12" versus 2-3 8's.. Just don't seem have the same room for center console as I did with my 2006 single cab. If I don't have the room I'll probably go with 2 sundown X8's since they're in my RMS goal and seem to get down pretty good. I'm not chasing numbers but being able to shake some stuff would be cool ?
  6. I agree, a 12” would be awesome. but unless I mount it in a funny location, the 10” width from arm rest to arm rest doesn’t seem possible to fit a 12”. Which is what I really would rather do. I don’t see any other possible way to make it work though
  7. I'd really like to stick with DD if anything. I'm local and can get a small discount. Will the X do better vs a 1508/2508?? I don't want to turn this into a vs thread though. Partially, that's why I liked the bandpass was to keep everything as factory/hidden as possible.
  8. Anybody with results on a 4th/6th order bandpass with 1 8"? Thinking about the possibility of a DD 1508 or 2508 ESP vs 3 608's. 4th or 6th order bandpass for the single 1508 or 2508 and probably conventional slot or aeroport for the 2-3 608's. Would like to throw 6-700 rms on each 608 that route, unsure on power for a bandpass (1500 rms maybe?). Any feedback? Which would be louder and be able to hit lower in mid to low 30's? Hip hop/ decaf music is what I like. I want to stay in the range of $500 max on sub(s). My MAX dimensions are 36" Long, 10" Wide, 15-20" tall. Vehicle is a 1996 C1500 single cab so center console box with either design. Most likely going with matching DD amp as well with proper electrical for 14 volts.
  9. Anybody else using these woofers? I can get them for $99/piece local. Website lists 17mm XMAX, 750 RMS 1500 max.
  10. Planning to build a center console box for my 96 c1500 single cab. Rest of the build is coming along as well. Door components will consist of CT Sounds Strato. Rears will possibly be a set of DD 4" Coaxials or CT Sounds Strato 4" Coaxials. Deciding on 2 sub brands at this point. Planning to run 3 8's in an aeroport and 700-800 rms to each sub. I'm wanting to keep it "budget" so I've dialed it down to either the DD 608's which I'm local to DD so I can get them fairly easy. Or another possible candidate is the Massive Audio Hippo 8's which as a tad cheaper. Plan to have big 3 and most likely an aftermarket alt or D3400/3100. Will either sub be past its limits on 7-800 rms daily? Not looking for numbers but something that gets pretty loud and low (30 hertz). Any input as well on other brands to consider but I think these are my top options.
  11. Exactly.. If it's under warranty why not have DD do it themselves?
  12. Hopefully this helps create the idea I have in my head. If it's too much I can go to a couple 10's or 3 8's but I dont see it being able to perform as low as 1 nice 12 Sub Box.docx
  13. either between DD 3512 ESP or Sundown x12. DD on a little more wattage. Let me try to throw together a sketch on my work computer. Designing it is even tough. Even if I have my layouts supplied to me idk if I could build it properly
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