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  1. yea i had to screw them all and now every song hits hard and i have my wall tuned at 30hz
  2. i was bangin on my shit bout 30min straight full tilt and barely warm ..so it should be clean
  3. This new oj mixtape just dropped today and it has bangers i have to say whole cd bangs.. from around low 30's to60 hz....yall check it out Cook Muzik 2
  4. The usaci bass battles finals in webster tx.. Nov. 5-6 .. Big show and comp .. Yall should check it out
  5. I was wondering if anybody knew where i cOuld get passanger front and rear door on ext cab silverado for good price
  6. Is there any members on here that live in bcs .. I will be there the whole month working and was wondering if any members lived there maybe I could get and give demos
  7. i was told u could help me with 6 th order bandpass box design

  8. do you think it could be possible for a ordered bandpass calculator to be developed

  9. i have take out of old and of new videos.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5Agval_1tE
  10. deff had great time at comp today

  11. There is going to be a car comp tomorrow at fry's electronics in Webster..
  12. i figured out the problem my daughter was in my truck when i put the batteries in and she turned the frequency knob up
  13. it sounds like the box tuning went higher...the songs hit like if i had a differnt box with higher tuning
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