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  1. Off topic but bobby did you just add me on fb?
  2. Do want... Gonna pick one up Steve? I know you're thinking about it LOL
  3. It was originally a true crime game but the developer backed out and square Enix picked it up. Much better
  4. I definitely say go for it. Should tide me over until the new assassins creed.
  5. Just picked the game up a couple days ago. Already beat the main story but tons of side missions. It's like Gta meets Tokyo drift. Pretty damn fun. Anyone else have it?
  6. i think Psyph is coming by Saturday so we can go live on the web for like an hour....come by then! before noon i think. Sounds good brother
  7. Eh they should be better and last longer than these apple headphones I'm still rockin.
  8. I can already see you standing there with a blank face. But a mind full of ideas. Do work, Steve
  9. Kyle I've noticed sometimes when I hit new content from my iPad (running desktop version) it will load up the page and say something about an error. I'll try to screenshot it next time it happens.
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