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  1. And again for legal purposes. I did not make a threat in my last post. ?
  2. Psychotic ex and her new fuckboy drove 5 hours down here. She went in one vehicle with her mom. Fuckboy went with her dad in another vehicle, all of them coked out. To start a manhunt looking for me. LOL. didn't piss me off, but it's funny. Kinda want to know the lies she's telling them to get them so hyped up to find me. Luckily for them I don't open carry.
  3. Just keep me from choking on my tongue. I'll still be swinging if I go unconscious. I mean SOMEONE will still be swinging.
  4. I won't make a threat on a public forum, but since I'm no more than 5 miles from this kid, let's just say if he was ever visible at a show, SOMEONE would take their seizure-having-ass and knock that kid flat the fuck out. Then SOMEONE would take his ebt card and burn it.
  5. Post #16680 on page 1390 says the exact same thing.I'm not trying to be a dick, just pointing it out in case you want to know maybe your memory is effected? I don't know man, that's gotta be scary shit to have something like that and there be absolutely nothing you can do about it. I hope the docs get you squared away. Does it really?Sorry, yes my memory is affected. Seems like its getting worse too. Chick I'm talking to says I occasionally repeat things. She just let's me keep talking tho.
  6. Just got my license back a month ago from a seizure I had 2 Years ago. And now I lost it again because I had another seizure on the 12th. Yet the Drs can't figure out why and it takes weeks to see the neurologist.
  7. I'm the only grandson. It's in the will. Lol. Pops already said he's going to be buried in the El Camino. LOL
  8. All three toys. 2001 trans am ram air is grandmas. 6 spd with 30k original miles. And 71 El Camino SS bought new in 1970 with original 454 big block. Along with the 32 Chevy Ford lol
  9. All I know is the Canadian friend owns and runs Jolly Rogers funnycar racing so I'm sure he gets shit for teh lowzzz
  10. Ouch. Prices have gone up. Gramps has an LS7 built ground up from his Canadian buddy for around 8 grand. 1100HP 1932 Ford 5 window.
  11. atleast he doesn't have tow mirrors that are flipped up 24/7 I don't approve of his parking, but they do give out handicap placards for the smallest reasons. Stupid.
  12. all they need to know is deez nuts on their chinHey do you like Wendy's?Um yes! Wendeez nuts slide across Ya chin
  13. When "females" that you aren't in a relationship with, barely even dating, think they need to know every detail about your personal life and what you do. No. It's a need to know basis, and you don't need to know. Lol
  14. 2 weeks is Fuckin nothing lol. I remember my boy waiting over a year for his DC power alt and when it finally showed up it was seized up. Quit complaining.
  15. The fact that people can't be banned for just flat out being stupid.
  16. He didn't magically drop into 53 mill worth of debt overnight. I wonder if Kim knew about that when they got married. Prick deserves to have everything taken from him.
  17. You're taking the term Random too seriously. Your pictures literally make no sense and in no way, shape, or form even remotely funny.
  18. Maybe that's what caused the seizure?Blood draining from my head too quickly?
  19. Shittiest part is the license thing. But also last thing I remember Friday is me training the new chick how to e-verify and then I woke up 10 minutes later with paramedics standing over me. Now I have a fat lip, a loose tooth, and I feel like I got hit by a Mack truck.
  20. Isn't trazadone a pain medication?No they gave me dilaudid for pain (I know,right?) And they have me on keppra? For the seizures.
  21. Had a seizure at work on Friday. Now I'm on epilepsy medication and have an appointment tomorrow. After losing my license for a year and just getting it back 3 weeks ago, it's being pulled again because of me having a seizure. Fml
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