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  1. Newer member of the west coast group from what I understand. Retard deserves to go to jail for doing what he did but not the way it went down. Just makes it 10x worse.
  2. Fuuuuuck it even tells you what his duties were while he was in lock up LOLLLLLL kitchenbitchhhhhhh
  3. The moral should be trust no one. Hate to say it but the world is full of snakes and believe it or not most anyone would drop a name to save their ass. I may have been born in 92 but I was raised on snitches get stitches.
  4. Shitty that someone would actually steal from you. What are you hearing now that makes you post something tho?
  5. Usually a scammer will not frequent the site he is going to scam on. There are always two sides to a story and I remember doing business with Miguels a couple years ago. But I'll just keep my opinions to myself and watch
  6. Sooooooo what's going on? Did you receive a fucked up product or what?
  7. Don't quote me but I believe you need to have the lpf turned all the way down. Been a minute since I've used a dd-1 tho
  8. I usually had my lpf on the headunit set to either 60 or 80hz depending if I was running an amp to the mids and highs.
  9. Yep sub level should be at +6. I would try both ways with the dd-1. Maybe you could get a cleaner sound with the level flat.
  10. If it's sub level, I always had mine turned up, if you're talking bass boost or bass level on the HU then no. Keep it level. I had mine maxed but I had an alpine so there is a difference.
  11. I'd also like a price point as well. that volt meter looks a little cheap, Is it accurate? And I have a gm alt on my Toyota, will it still function correctly? Guessing so since my avbm works now.
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