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  1. Just keep me from choking on my tongue. I'll still be swinging if I go unconscious. I mean SOMEONE will still be swinging.
  2. I won't make a threat on a public forum, but since I'm no more than 5 miles from this kid, let's just say if he was ever visible at a show, SOMEONE would take their seizure-having-ass and knock that kid flat the fuck out. Then SOMEONE would take his ebt card and burn it.
  3. I'm the only grandson. It's in the will. Lol. Pops already said he's going to be buried in the El Camino. LOL
  4. All three toys. 2001 trans am ram air is grandmas. 6 spd with 30k original miles. And 71 El Camino SS bought new in 1970 with original 454 big block. Along with the 32 Chevy Ford lol
  5. All I know is the Canadian friend owns and runs Jolly Rogers funnycar racing so I'm sure he gets shit for teh lowzzz
  6. Ouch. Prices have gone up. Gramps has an LS7 built ground up from his Canadian buddy for around 8 grand. 1100HP 1932 Ford 5 window.
  7. atleast he doesn't have tow mirrors that are flipped up 24/7 I don't approve of his parking, but they do give out handicap placards for the smallest reasons. Stupid.
  8. He didn't magically drop into 53 mill worth of debt overnight. I wonder if Kim knew about that when they got married. Prick deserves to have everything taken from him.
  9. You're taking the term Random too seriously. Your pictures literally make no sense and in no way, shape, or form even remotely funny.
  10. i dont know if i would go that far but it is close I think I was gone for that. Story time
  11. Some people just aren't born with the part of the brain that contains common sense.
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