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  1. The Big 3 is VERY easy to install, i would suggest doing that yourself. But i have never done an Alt install, so idk about that one.
  2. Damn Steve, You made quite an uprising. How's it feel to be a complete beast?! Haha good stuff brother
  3. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good time . God bless!
  4. I dont even let best buy look at my shit. let alone touch it. But next time dont buy something just because its a brand name. especially kenwood and sony.
  5. You'll definately need the big 3, If your parents dont trust you, i would recommend explaining to the shops what it is. You would probably have to supply them with the cable and terminals. But that'd be your best bet.
  6. Well im not a pro like the rest of the guys/girls around here, but i'd say go with rockford mids n highs. They sound good and aren't too pricy.
  7. morning bump. noone got em?
  8. I need 2 DD audio 1508 D4. anyone got a few extra layin around?
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