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  1. Looking for design help if possible. I have no clue about making a box. It will be going into a 2013 Ford Focus hatchback. I'd like it to be a ported box. I was thinking about having it tuned for sound quality unless normal would be the better choice. I know I don't want SPL. Here is the manual for it from their website. http://phoenixgold.com/index.php?controller=attachment&id_attachment=386
  2. I'm just curious which one you guys would choose and why? For me it's basically down to two different local shops. One offers Rockford and the other offers Phoenix Gold. I didn't get to demo the Rockford, but I did get to hear the Phoenix and it sounded really damn good to me. The Phoenix would cost me about $1100 installed and the Rockford is $850. Right now I'm really leaning towards the Phoenix. The cost is not really a huge deal to me. Especially since I would get 10% off the Phoenix install pushing it closer to $1000.
  3. http://www.hertzaudiovideo.com/car-audio-amplifier-hcp1d/ and http://phoenixgold.com/catalog/ti-series-subwoofers/ Sub will be a 12. No idea if it will be 2 or 4 ohm. This is what they had in their store. I'll ask about a custom box next time I go there. If it only costs me $100 to $150 more I'd be ok with that.
  4. I keep hearing how much better a custom one is and I'm wondering if I should ask. I've never had a sub before so I feel like a prefab wouldn't bother me. Since I can't DIY one I also assumed getting one built isn't cheap.
  5. Maybe my idea is just idiotic but I'm thinking more so like what Steve did with his ISF, but in a hatch. I assume it's not possible.
  6. So I'm going to be getting a 12 installed soon and I would like to reduce rattle as much as possible. I was wondering if its possible to do this in some sort of simple manner? It's not a huge deal but if it's possible I'd like to get it done.
  7. I meant to learn. Not to show up to the shop with. I couldn't show up and be like here's my epic walmart system. I'd have to have some DC's or something.
  8. Ok. I'll just plan on starting to learn on my own this summer if I can. I'll just start small and move up gradually. Nothing wrong with starting out with Walmart stuff right? lol
  9. Hmm what do I love most. I'd have to say just creating an entire system. Highs, mids, lows, all of it. Just creating one awesome sounding system. Then I also love just all out SPL. Once I get my hands on another car maybe I can use my old car to practice and learn car audio. Not like the thing has to move for me to do that. The reason I say another car is because I don't wanna mess with my only way of getting around. lol
  10. Better then customer service which I'm doing right now. It's either car audio or just living job to job my entire life. I've been trying hard to find something else and this is all I have.
  11. Pretty sure this is my only passion in life. I can't think of anything else I would like to do for a career. It's obviously expensive to learn and without money you can't do it(I don't mean doing it for free). I'd expect college to be cheaper then going and buying tons of car audio equipment and a car to work with. So my question is how do you get a job or start a career with it?
  12. Initial price and insurance aren't that different actually. For what I want the initial cost is only 3-5000 more over the GTI.I don't really see that as a big gap. Some people might. Since the prices aren't that different insurance is nearly the same. I've gotten a bunch of online quotes. The only one that worries me is maintenance but I'm covered for 4 years with the A3. So by then I'd have money saved if I need it. I'd have to custom order an A3 there aren't very many of them. I'm not really sure how that works.
  13. That's what I'm leaning towards. And the low end model doesn't have steering wheel buttons. I hate how all cars have those now for the stock stereo. LOL I'd probably be all anal and be bothered by how I have useless buttons on my steering wheel. No xenon headlights but I'll probably just stick in some 8000k's eventually anyway.
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