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  1. This question has probably been asked somewhere, but here it goes. If the gain and bass boost is maxed out on an amp, the volume set at 75%, deck eq bass flat, and there is no audible distortion and niether the amp or subs heat up, can there still be clipping happening. This is how a friends ride is setup and he bangs hours at a time with no problems. Opinions? Sorry for the long question
  2. Ive lost count of how many tickets and warnings Ive got. It's all good, keep bangin.
  3. Had a build with 2 12Type Rs, sealed at .9 cubes each. Hooked up to a Kicker zx1000 and a 6 farad cap. For the price of the setup, it is a beast. Whole-car flex, rear window and roof gets crazy. Even a tiny bit on the steering wheel below 30hz, remember sealed. Mad flex and LOUD AS FUCK 38-46hz. I sold the car when I got the new one, but the dude is around here. I'll post vids (if I can figure out how to do it) at least pics on the Builds thread in a couple days. Got these subs new $100 each, show me a better value. EDIT: Car is a 2000 Mustang
  4. It sounds like you're in a rush to get some bump, so go for it. I will tell you now, start savin up cause when you hear some better setups and you REALLY get the bug , you're gonna want to upgrade.
  5. Do you really not know what a clipped signal is? Im not going to say im the expert, but its bad and can do alot of damage to equipment.
  6. Dude, save some money and get somthing a little more high end. Take your time and do the build piece by piece. You'll be happier in the long run. Don't touch Boss or Crunch, and Pioneer is only good for head unts IMO.
  7. Damn shitty. My grandma had cancer for 12 years before she lost the battle. There were always those times when we thought she could beat it. The thing your girl needs most is your support (and her families) and positive thinking to be motivated to do whatever it takes to beat it
  8. I would love to. But YOU try getting that passed by my wife...
  9. I may have to rethink the whole setup, new amp and find the right subs
  10. I could attept an odd shaped multi sided box and do alot of experimenting, sounds like fun.
  11. Im going with a single 15" nightshade. I need to build a box with at least 3 cubes. Problem (once again) is space. MAX dimensions can be H 12.5" W 34" D18". I need help building a box, mainly with port dimensions. I've tried the box calculator programs, but i'm stumped on port tuning. I would appreciate any help from experienced box builders. BTW, the sub will have to be top loaded. Would also consider triangular/wedge designs. I wish you all could see this trunk, not much smaller than previous generation, but many angles and slopes.
  12. Just for the sake of argument, I had 2 type r 12s w/2ohm voice coils in a sealed box at only .9 cubes each running off a kicker zx1000 at 2 ohms. This was my old setup in a 2000 mustang. Let me tell you, the f@*king car would flex, especially the roof and windshield. And any females in the passenger seat when I hit a 36-40hz test tone were very pleased
  13. Anybody listened to the new album on subs? I listened to the tracks on I-tunes, but my computer sub is blowed up. There are a couple good tracks, but I would like to know how the bumps are. Boosie usually bangs. BTW, release date is 22 Sept, but you can get it now from itunes.
  14. Thanks, just didn't find it yet when I posted
  15. Any one know the frequencies of the Hoods Run Down intro?
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