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  1. Big Power moves in the works...45ah Cmax,Autotech 320 External regulated, Fatboy regulator...16V life here I come There is 1 more surprise upgrade but I'll wait until it's in hand
  2. Nooo that's false...Plenty of HO offerings for Altima.. I have an auto tech 320 on my 2015 Altima 2.5S ...Contact auto tech engineering on FB
  3. Nothing wrong with your sub choices but I'm curious why tuning is so high? It would much more musical around 32-36hz
  4. Things keep delaying the completion of my car but slowly chipping away at it... Most recent changes Prv1200.4 Upgrade from PRV MB200'S to Prv MB250 neos The neos scream
  5. I bought the last cutting board Dave ever made and it took on a completely new meaning as far as the value of it
  6. Man I got the Text from Chris this morning... I just talked to him about a week ago and he was in good spirits and was planning things... FUCK!!! RIP brother
  7. Yo yo yo... I am still around but work has been retarded busy because apparently people don't want to work and prefer to sit at home collecting unemployment so as per usual we are busier than drug dealers on the 1st and 15th lol
  8. I don't always post but I'm here quite a bit but there was a brief stint that I was away. Life got in the way
  9. The DB Sa4 is the king of that bunch. They're beastly and play lows like a mother fker if your build is on point. I'd go DB4 out of all of those
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