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  1. Quick little video in the parking lot ...Need to find some songs that hold around 28-30 longer but I continue to be thrilled with my car 20190714_181646.mp4
  2. This was a tedious and physical one lol...Moving 150+ lb enclosure for testing haha
  3. Probably the only time I'd bitch about a Phat Ass ...Sliding this heavy fucker out the car and turning it to change port orientation from side fire to ported into the car ...Made a big difference
  4. Welp first piece of my car tapped out yesterday lol...I was driving to Sonic to grab a slushie and the clips broke and it smacked the shit out of me LOL
  5. Check out Attwood or Seaflo fans...They're boat bilge pump fans but they work great...Move lots of air but they're noisy is their con
  6. CES is a great choice for alternators...I had a catastrophic failure with mine due to user error and I called Jon and told him what happened...He told me to send it back in and they'd fix it...Didn't charge me a dime and it was back to me inside of a week ...Buy with confidence
  7. Also if interested you can check out my entire build in my signature...I have a bunch of pics etc
  8. He better tune accordingly with a 7.5k...It can be done but not a whole lot of room for error in that equation
  9. I've got an Ampere 3800 wired at .35 on my level 6 15 and it's doing WORK
  10. Welcome back and yes you should be able to do 50+ pretty easily with that amount of cone area and power
  11. I'd invest in more welding wire so you can run multiple runs front to back... Have you looked at CES,Mechman or US alternator to see if they have any bigger alternator offerings??
  12. I'm running a 250A CES alternator and my 45 ah limitless...Lowest I've seen since the under hood battery delete is 12.6V sitting still and playing 3-4songs consecutively and 13.4V while driving and beating for 15 to 20 solid minutes ...The voltage stays considerably higher since the delete.... I have plans to upgrade the lithium in the future to a 200Ah...Plus a few other goodies coming
  13. After an unfortunate mishap with my CES alt .I got it back and reinstalled yesterday...Also deleted the under hood battery...Voltage is staying higher and more stable...Plus it bounces back faster after playing full tilt
  14. Either that or the newest thing is super cap banks for under the hood
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