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  1. Welcome back and yes you should be able to do 50+ pretty easily with that amount of cone area and power
  2. I'd invest in more welding wire so you can run multiple runs front to back... Have you looked at CES,Mechman or US alternator to see if they have any bigger alternator offerings??
  3. I'm running a 250A CES alternator and my 45 ah limitless...Lowest I've seen since the under hood battery delete is 12.6V sitting still and playing 3-4songs consecutively and 13.4V while driving and beating for 15 to 20 solid minutes ...The voltage stays considerably higher since the delete.... I have plans to upgrade the lithium in the future to a 200Ah...Plus a few other goodies coming
  4. After an unfortunate mishap with my CES alt .I got it back and reinstalled yesterday...Also deleted the under hood battery...Voltage is staying higher and more stable...Plus it bounces back faster after playing full tilt
  5. Either that or the newest thing is super cap banks for under the hood
  6. Had an alternator failure in my driveway...Oopsies...I love CES though...Called Jonathan on the phone packed it up and sent it out today...They're going to fix it and return it asap..thank God for good companies honoring warranties
  7. The SSA meters are nice as shit and not far off from TL for being a cheaper alternative...You can find out your peak frequency with it
  8. I used to compete in the Stock SQ class in meca and the SPL classes as well as drive by
  9. I used to but haven't competed in over 10 yrs...Aside from the Tdh show which cost 75 bucks to compete in 6 organizations that were triple point events once i have the time and $$ i want to start competing in Meca,Usaci,Nadbl,DbDrag,Nspl and chase points etc
  10. Thanks man I appreciate it ...Cameras do the car no justice because everything distorts as usual haha
  11. Here is a video from my team mate that we shot at the TDH show ...This was probably the 1st legitimate demo after it had some tuning done
  12. Look into Zapco 6 channels and the Audison Bit one processor
  13. They do burp classes and music classes...When you go up to the judges table you can tell them you're new to competing and they can help you obtain all that information bro
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