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  1. DeafBonce...They're immensely under rated and are musical as F**k.
  2. Repairing wheels at my job...I love my job itself but I will double and triple check the surface for imperfections. I'm look cool it's all good...Lay a nice clear coat on it and sure as shit some minor flaw pops it's ugly ass head out then I'm like DAMNIT but after the clear is layed it's too late unless I bake it then strip it and reshoot the wheel
  3. Couple quick videos of my doors built and playing...They're not pretty but functional for now...Few weeks from now I'll wrap them and get them looking great ...Still need to deaden my roof but the weather was uncooperative this weekend 20200531_142334.mp4 20200531_143622.mp4 received_584351099168558.mp4
  4. As long as the weather cooperates this weekend....These Prv's,My Mlt5 Mclarens and 2 taramps 400.4s will be going into my car this weekend...Along with installing some more Vibraflex 160mil deadener on my roof and rear deck...Should be a busy weekend to say the least
  5. All 4 windows down. Slow Motion Roof Flex in my Altima. Hoping that once I put the 160mil Vibraflex in the roof at the end of the month it will help settle her down a bit lol. No audio due to slow motion recording but the song used for this video was Money by Gorilla Zoe (Decaf Version)
  6. New Shoes I'm looking at for my Altima. Hopefully the not so distant future
  7. Well after years of keeping us waiting and chasing our tails. Square Enix finally dropped the 1st part out of 3 I'm being told of the remaster. I am totally blown away at the attention to detail. They blew it out of the park and I would say this is easily the best game that has ever hit the Ps4 console. I am probably a bit partial due to FF7 being my favorite console game of all time but regardless I would rate 10/10 all day.
  8. I decided to paint my port because well...I don't really have a reason but I am happy with the final result. The prep work was more of a pain in the ass then the actual painting part lol. I painted over the Big Ass Ports decal let it dry then peeled it off
  9. I had a tire two days ago that took me 30mins to strip the shine off of using Acetone lmao...It was LAYERED on that bitch haha
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