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  1. I had a tire two days ago that took me 30mins to strip the shine off of using Acetone lmao...It was LAYERED on that bitch haha
  2. I work for a wheel reconditioning company and we strip tire shine off the wheels we work on. I now have a hatred for tire shine. Makes the job a pain in the ass and keep the paint from adhering to the rims. But thankfully we have good stripping products that clean rims and tires down to barebones. Side Note- You'd be amazed at how much damage tire shine actually does to the rubber. It breaks down the sidewalls over time so if you notice your high dollar tires starting to breakdown there's a good chance it's due to the tire shine. For all interested i will post up the product recommended by my boss to place a nice shine on your tires without the damage.
  3. sorry for your loss first and foremost man. Will be tuned in to watch this build come to life. Best of luck to you in your adventure
  4. I second this ...DC level 5 would sound great in that setup
  5. Thanks bro...I actually had to shrink it a bit after this pic but that's the beauty of aeroports and their tuneability
  6. Bigass-ports.com is the best source for quality Aero Ports...Quality product and great Customer Service to back it 6" Aero
  7. Yeah I sent that bitch ALL the way out when I sent it to its final resting place. Lol
  8. I think it's safe to say the sub is fully broken in at this point. It got a bit louder after ample play time and it really likes the low end a lot more than it ever did before.
  9. I know your pain man. I celebrated the 7 year anniversary of the loss of one of my best friends/partner on December 24th from when I worked for the DHS. He passed away in my arms and it still wrecks me every year. It never really gets easier but you figure out how to cope. AVOID alcohol at all costs. Surround yourself with friends/family and those who keep your mind occupied and busy. If you need to cry then do it...Let yourself feel and be emotional don't bottle it up because it will all boil over eventually. I'm really sorry about your tragic loss though man. I hope you're able to find peace sooner than later. Feel free to reach out if you need an ear
  10. Man if these 3 proposed Bills manage to pass in VA...The 2nd amendment is in grave fuckin danger come beginning early 2020 ...From what I've read up on them they're not pretty and the way they're worded makes them really bad
  11. I killed a nice doe last weekend at my family's farm...Hit her at roughly 35yds with my bow...She ran like 10yds and flopped over...Rage Hypodermics are the shit as far as broadheads go
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