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  1. I killed a nice doe last weekend at my family's farm...Hit her at roughly 35yds with my bow...She ran like 10yds and flopped over...Rage Hypodermics are the shit as far as broadheads go
  2. Looking for input from those who have had it done. Was it worth it? Pros? Cons?
  3. Making some big changes Antheny ..Love it bro
  4. Something seems odd about that bro...That kind of structure damage. I work in the auto industry and have seen cars total for far less...I would maybe consult your insurance and ask them about that...Just doesn't make sense
  5. Crazy ass work weeks...Checks are nice but being rundown sucks as a result lol
  6. I believe they're a shade over 100ish ...It's no slouch that's for sure...I'm not adding anything else to my car except more power and doing my doors in the future.
  7. 1/4 volume Slow Motion Flex video after rebuild received_492306124653876.mp4
  8. Due to unfortunate circumstances my level 6 had to be rebuilt...My team mates made it possible to get back playing but...I just want to point out how SEXY this new Dustcap is...DC killed it with this design for sure
  9. Don't have a lithium charger currently I need one...Me driving a lot does the job of keeping it charged...I am running 4k plus a 400x4 channel amp off the lithium plus my car...Never drops below 12.6 but most of the time I stay up in the 13's unless I get squirrelly on my knob
  10. I've been running my entire car off a 45ah Limitless for quite awhile including feeding juice to my system as well so yeah it works
  11. Don't do this...Delete AGM/Lead acid and run lithium...Trust me I lost an Alternator this way
  12. I sent it Full Send style ..Snapped the triple joint and set it on fire apparently lol
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