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  1. Seems like you're doing well all things considered bro...This question is probably very subjective to be honest...Everyone will have a difference in opinion on what they consider a good #
  2. Play with window positions, Seat positions,Deadening, Try some different burp freqs too...Spl is an odd creature sometimes the most trivial changes make a difference
  3. Holy hell those pillars look like they'll be nasty in addition to those doors
  4. I've had no issues with my Samsung Frontier gear 3 that links up to my phone but I guess every one is different
  5. Let me check with him and get back to you might take a bit so just bare with me
  6. Check out the taramps 1200.4...I have a friend who is a dealer if you need help acquiring one
  7. I highly suggest taramps 4 channels they honestly can't be beat for power/price ratio and Brazilian boards are built well for mids/highs applications
  8. How much power you need??
  9. Audio Control or Audison BitOne
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