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  1. Damn n8 I'm jealous of your ever growing collection of guns and accessoriesfor them lol
  2. I'm buying a gym membership and health insurance next lol Fun shit
  3. 2015 Altima Type S... Bought it on Saturday from Carmax with 11,839 miles and it is in immaculate condition ... I am getting the windows tinted as I post this lol... I also have 6k HID's coming for the Hi/Low beams as well
  4. My artist JJ at Cherry Bomb Tattoo did a great job on this piece. It wasn't exactly pleasant getting drilled on across the collarbone and sternum but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I am already planning my next chestpiece to fill out the other side. This was a tattoo I had done for my son since we both love owls.
  5. Car Battery Died out of the blue the other day.. Got a jump start and it ran fine the rest of the day while at work. Let it set overnight and was dead again. I am trying to charge/precondition the battery. Just need it to last me until Monday. I am ordering an XS replacement Friday
  6. I have cleaned my windshield and wipers 3 damn times and everytime I use them it makes my windshield dirty. I am at a loss I don't understand WTF is going on smh
  7. Been running my G29 hard and I am loving it more and more. I am going to grab a comp for it soon to help flatten it out some. I can do plenty of work as is but I shot a comped 29 and it made a nice difference. Also considering an Rmr as well
  8. Provides deep concealment and easy access with either hand in case your dominant shooting hand is indisposed or your carrying something etc ...It took me awhile to get used to it but I love it now.. I carry my G29 and extra mag
  9. Time to tear down my 1911 and give it a thorough bath lord knows it probably hasn't had one in the 2+ years it was gone
  10. ****CASE UPDATE**** Well after nearly 5 months in police custody my 1911 was returned to me this morning. I am beyond happy. The guy who had it is doing a 12-18 year bid in State Prison so I guess he's down for a hot minute.. There is some minor scratches on it. I'll be tearing it down and cleaning it thoroughly
  11. The storm water drainage designers and installers that built our neighborhood SUCK... It only takes a mediocre storm here to make our neighborhood streets look like a white water rafting river using muddy water. If we stay here long term I see a lot of repairs having to be done to our driveway and the drainage ditch that runs underneath
  12. That's what I was thinking too. 1 easy addition between legal and illegal... Too damn close for comfort for me