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  1. Believe me you would know if you got into this shit. The sap on it reacts to sunlight chemically...Multiply the discomfort of sumac by about 10
  2. Va... It looks like ragweed but fully grown it's about 6ft tall... Shit is no joke
  3. LT.Smoke

    Need opinions on best 500 watt rms @2ohm amp?

    Don't be afraid to check out Taramps as well. They have some great products out for great prices and Brazilian amps have come a long way in their reliability factor for sub power
  4. As far as components and coax check out McLaren audio products. Very reasonably priced and great quality and sound for price you pay.
  5. The last 3 pics were from 3 days ago ..2 weeks after exposure
  6. So 2 weeks ago I got into a poison plant at work. The way the reaction started off I suspected I had come into contact with sumac which I rarely have a reaction to Ivy,Oak or Sumac but this case was severe. I started to notice a rash develop Thursday evening into Friday but I carried on about my work day. I went to my girls house that weekend and went to sleep late Friday night/Sat morning...When I woke up to go to the bathroom she woke up and looked at my arms and was like you NEED to go to urgent care NOW ... I went to urgent care that Saturday morning and received some steroids and AntiBiotics because it had gotten seriously infected and made it's way into my bloodstream. I started to get sick because of it but it didnt get serious because we started antibiotics and Steroids so quick I suppose. I went back for a follow up yesterday and got cleared to return to full duty. I would not wish ANYONE to experience a hogweed reaction it flat out sucks ass. It has been linked to 2nd degree burns and permanent blindness because the sap from it reacts to sunlight chemically.... Pics will be posted below...I didnt photograph every stage but enough to paint the picture
  7. ^^yes that is my dog too by the way
  8. When your dog malfunctions while sleeping lol
  9. LT.Smoke

    What Are You Currently Listening To

    My Way-DJ Russticals version
  10. I need to record my next outing with my Gen 4 G29... It's a blast to shoot but the 10mm compact with full power loads is a bit rowdy lol...Still love my (Noisy Cricket) though
  11. Damn n8 I'm jealous of your ever growing collection of guns and accessoriesfor them lol
  12. I'm buying a gym membership and health insurance next lol Fun shit
  13. 2015 Altima Type S... Bought it on Saturday from Carmax with 11,839 miles and it is in immaculate condition ... I am getting the windows tinted as I post this lol... I also have 6k HID's coming for the Hi/Low beams as well
  14. My artist JJ at Cherry Bomb Tattoo did a great job on this piece. It wasn't exactly pleasant getting drilled on across the collarbone and sternum but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I am already planning my next chestpiece to fill out the other side. This was a tattoo I had done for my son since we both love owls.