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  1. You guys are way too generous. A few of you know whats up. To the rest of you, just know its important and im grateful. Ill drop in here from time to time. Steve, thanks for leaving the post up, I know its against the grain.

  2. Just got an offer for my P99,,, $600 LMAO.

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    2. OrionStang


      Hahahahaha. Was that you on CL Rain? I give a fuck what others are selling them for. My price is fair.

    3. Carnines


      I really wish I could afford to splurge on it lol.

    4. RainStryke


      lol didn't even know you had it on CL. Just linked that to show ya what your dealing with and why people think that's an okay offer. Not trying to piss ya off.

  3. Anyone been to Malvern, PA? Near Philly.

    1. n8ball2013


      What you want to know

  4. Has to be an "SQ" Dad around here somewhere. Brand new P99RS would be a great gift, from someone else,,,,,or bought for self LOL.

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    2. DTS909


      I would but just $8000 down on a car. Very tempting!

    3. Soccerballzs


      Already run one here.

    4. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Wish I had the loot would be all over it.

  5. Lived here almost 4 years, finally got a garage!!!

  6. Prime example of the bigger problem in this country. People are so eager for free shit they don't have to work for, not that reading a post is hard. Slow? Lazy? Bernie supporter? Jeezus!
  7. 848 spam mails in 10 hours. Record for my email.

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    2. OrionStang


      Trying to survive on more money going out than coming in.

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict


      We can help you beat that record, what's your email address?

    4. OrionStang
  8. Got some questions about advertising/partners. Clicked the tab and its a blank page, who can help me out?

  9. Always been a Jimmie Johnson fan, partly because of his off-track stuff. Its the 10th anniversary of his foundation and they are doing a raffle for a new Z06. https://jimmiejohnsonfoundation.org/win-jimmies-chevy/ Obviously this isn't my raffle, but if it goes against the rules let me know.

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    2. OrionStang


      Property tax on a car?

    3. OrionStang


      The foundation focuses on K-12 education programs and Make-a-Wish type stuff.

    4. reedal


      yeppppppp every year. That's local though i guess, paid to the local treasurer, but everywhere in VA does it. at least the 5-ish cities/counties i've lived at here.

  10. ANybody here ever run a Havoc using minimum rec'd volume? 1.8 for a 12"?

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    2. OrionStang
    3. mikelbolton


      I've put my Mayhems on the lowest recommended volume... tuned high and saw some impressive numbers...

    4. OrionStang


      Power will be 1000-1500, haven't decided on an amp yet. Small box, low power; I feel like Im setting up for disappointment.

  11. That stuff is badass. The guys(kids LOL) that detail my car mentioned it to me and showed me the before/after samples. Might do the 'Stang, but the new car is getting it FOR SURE!!!
  12. Single 10" on 1000-1500 watts. Havoc is my first choice. I think Ill go Havoc.

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    2. Jessica


      i'll be expecting a build log

    3. Karkov


      Havoc. Wait, what was the question?

    4. Jessica


      did you start a build log yet?

  13. Glad to hear you're doing OK. You'll get used to the CPAP LOL. I've had one going on 5 years.
  14. Order placed last night, confirmed and discount applied first thing in the A.M., thanks Tony and Julie!!! For a custom project inquiry, do you prefer PM or email?
  15. Anybody interested in a single Hertz HT28? And its blown brother?

    1. ToNasty


      Possibly. Let me see if I'll be able to do a center channel

  16. I actually checked your site for the screw-on glands couple weeks back. Had been looking for a deal, these things can be pricey at some places!!! Ill be ordering shortly.
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