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  1. Not at the moment its hard to run them while at an idle i can try tom. to get some but im still running stock alt and stock batt so it drains fast why dont beleive me?
  2. well im all kicker and today i was driving around tunring heads with my 15" L7's in my blazer. but i also get flipped off alot b.c people dont like to hear my music over theirs lol
  3. Lol they dont have better sound quality? but yeah sony stuff is just junk
  4. well the song has the low bass thats for 15's and 18's i have three tens tunned to 32 hz and they couldnt get the right way with the same song. and yeah i dont like alpine over rated and sony is just idk a joke to me
  5. Well ive heard plenty of sonys and i just dont enjoy the sound they put out its an opinion to be honest.
  6. Yeah and i can only play ,my subs have way on that song b.c im running stock alt and stock batt for the next month till i get money for my mechman alt. but i just laughed at how he thought sony was the best
  7. How did you paint them because i want to make the panels in my blazer all black since the paint is red on the outside.
  8. Alright so i got done at our schools football game and i was heading home and thought hell im hungry so stopped at mc donalds. So I pulled into the parking lot and theres this group of guys standing around so they hear my music and that all stop me. So one guy was like i bet my sony xplods are better without trying to look at what subs I have in my blazer so i just laughed and said okay lets play the same song and see whos is louder. Well i sat down in this kids car and he played Love For Money By Willie Da Kid , well his twleves kept buttoming out and i just kept smerking. so after the songs was done on his "amazing subs" we sat in my blazer and as soon as the bass hit he got out of the car. i just laughed and the kid was like damn i feel dumb for talking shit. :hairtrick: so i guess we all learned that two 15" L7's are louder then two 12" sony xplods :01nocomment8so:
  9. Use the cut out that comes with the subs lmfao thats what i did
  10. Dont make is 5.5 try like 4.5 i have two 15" L7's in a 7.3 ctf tunned to 32 hz and it pounds
  11. thats why you put somthing that drags on the ground behind your car b.c it takes all the electicity out of your car,
  12. So Im thinking its time to get a new alt thats ment for car audio xP what would you suggest im running about 3000watts pm with info or post here again thanks
  13. My box is tunned to 32 hz so i thought why not find some songs that are 32 hz any helpers?
  14. alright man ill do that later today or tom sorry girl is over and i havnt seen her for awhile
  15. thanks guys but i got a thing with kicker so i can get dealer cost on everything of thiers now xD
  16. well when i get home ill take pictures of what i plan on fiberglassing and give an explination if you guys can help b.c i plan on putting my amps build into this if i can ,,,,
  17. well i was thinking should i put tape down then fabric and do the fiberglass. or just fabric over the plastic ?
  18. Okay so im trying to figure out how to fiberglass some interior parts whats the best way to start doing this ?
  19. dont worry bout people trying to take your system ive been repin my buddies shop for a couple months and if anything people ask me to stop so they can hear what kinda subs i have i had some guy try and beat my 15' L7s with two 12 alpine type e;s and got shit on lol
  20. Is there a program to find what hertz are in songs?
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