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  1. LOL bro its not august anymore its September lmao

  2. I know a lot here are good with plastic and fiberglass work but if you guys have any questions about car accidents youve been in or want to know what they are looking at and if you want suggestions on what to do with your car to DIY kind of job to save some money feel free to ask me , and with me being in school for this stuff im an open book for questions so i can find any thing out for you guys, im going to start posting pictures of work we are doing in class, We have so far gotten random fenders and the teacher puts dents in them or says fix them so we spent a week doing that last week we cut holes and welded them shut and flushed them, Monday i cut it in half crimped one side and welded it back together now under stand this will never be on a car again lol , but welded it back together fiber glassed for added strength( was kind like bondo glass but some different name) then used plastic (bondo filler) to flush is and we start painting next week, i dont have any pictures yet but im going to start take them to show you guys what im doing but again any questions pleas ask
  3. Looks like bumper, Depending how hard impact was might need other things fixed. They will let you know once they put the new bumper on and see how un-aligned the bumper is , you maybe lucky and only need the bumper and paint, but without seeing the whole thing i cant really help and there is so many variables that come into my head with this one picture,
  4. anyone want a aq2200 for 290 plus half shipping?

  5. alright thanks beail think a aq90x4 will be good for the 2 sets?
  6. well seems they do so what would you use ram ?
  7. Id like to say fi ftw with stickers i ordered 1 sticker they sent 4 Now how can i tell what all is added on the fi q i got in a trade since they have like cooling options and what not
  8. they dont give discounts they start you off at a higher pay then other places to make up for that lol, but imma look at prices i have a feeling im going to need 2 sheets so
  9. Lol you didnt ask anything and i dont wear panties but good one again your getting into a pissing match, i said read first post like others did, didnt think it was hard
  10. please read the first post yes i know they have 5 layer but like i stated i work at homedepot and its easy to get wood while at work if not ill hit lowes up sometime
  11. first post bro i dont do mdf anymore i like my gassmilage for one and two shits a dust storm, but if i cant find anything else ima do 3 layer birch it isnt like im doing an insane system 12"q is gonna blow the world away
  12. so ray suggested 11-13 3/4 plywood, went to homedepot best they had was 9 3/4 plywood, box ric made me was made of 5layer 3/4 birch homedepot has 3 layer 3/4 birch since i work at homedepot its easier to get it from there but what have you guys used i will not use mdf to heavy
  13. king said beailstar suggested these and from what i heard on beails youtube channel they sound nice and for what he is offereing 2 sets to me for the price i dont see why not
  14. Bump im about to name this ray come look so some one helps me
  15. Im editing another match i had last night i played like ass but we still won thats all that matters
  16. Editing time Dont forget to subscribe guys

  17. can he take a vacation for just the hell of us wasting our time?
  18. Alright now we all know im looking for mids and highs kings offering these to me , Im just wondering whos used them i know beailstar has im looking for warm tweets and nice mid bass,
  19. shit i havnt played gears in a year thats first week back but im about to render a wow video of me and my brother doing 2s then upload that, then imma upload videos i had done before that i just never finished
  20. bump king pm me with info we will see,
  21. thank you gentlemen and you used it on the whole piece or just insides?
  22. Ive been debating about cover the panels and headliner in a grey/ black cloth or suede fabric for awhile just wonder what should be done to keep the fabric to stay intact ? spray glue or just glue one side pull hard wrap the panel and glue the other side?
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