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  1. terrible... suicide is a permanat solution to a temporary problem.
  2. curious, if Its taking one input from left and one from right, will we need to split the signal for a 4 channel? or do you need to run more than one of these for each set of RCAs
  3. I have one of these. I custom wired the 08 accord unit to work for my 07. Apexi makes some amazing products, I tune my engine with their AFC NEO. I knew you were gonna jump on this eventually Steve. I find that red means gas goes away alot faster. http://www.v6performance.net/forums/7g-performance-discussion/214064-7th-gen-first-ever-apexi-smart-accel-controller.html ^That's my install... If anyone is interesting in making this work for your car that they don't make a harness for that will give you a little motivation... it can be done
  4. the other day I was changing my wheels and the alarm was armed. I hadn't jacked the car up or anything and I was about to start when the alarm went off completely unprovoked. I never touched the car and my alarm is decent but I don't have proximity sensors. I think sometimes the system just reacts to a surge or who knows. I've had this same thing happen to me before when I wasn't outside with the car... scary feeling when you think someone is trying to jack your ride. Glad it was nothing
  5. I have the same car, but mine is an 07. My exhaust: -DC Sports Ceramic 4-2-1 Header w/ Heat Shield Delete -Stainless Steel Flex Bellow (Flex Pipe Delete) -Magnaflow Catalytic Converter -Vibrant Performance Stealth Muffler -Resonator Delete My engine: -OBX Racing Intake Gasket -Unorthodox Racing Underdrive Pulley set -Gates K070694 Belt -Apexii Neo A/F Computer -K/N Short Ram Intake w/ Heat Shield -Acura TSX Intake Manifold -P2R Thermal Gaskets x3 -P2R Fuel Rail w/ Harness Tuck -P2R Throttle Body Spacer -Spoon Sports 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap -NGK Iridium Sparks Plugs Can't supercharge or turbo b/c the ecus are locked up. Not much else to do to those motors. Don't dig internally. Swap a tsx engine if you want to be properly quick, or a j series
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