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  1. I've got a zv4 15 proto. Looks pretty beefy. won't use it tho
  2. Ordered these and got today. I'm not impressed in the least. Dk if I got a bad pair or what but the bass isn't there and the left bud cracks anywhere above half volume
  3. Happened to my ab 350.4.. just pushed it back in and haven't had any issues.
  4. Added couple little 3100s under the box... Now up to 3- 3100's, 3- 925's, and 1-975. Have room for 2 more 3100's now Love me some XS Power
  5. 18 pertains to Shotguns and Rifles... 21 is for pistols... Which i am pretty sure that those are the same across the US 18 pertains to Shotguns and Rifles... 21 is for pistols... Which i am pretty sure that those are the same across the US This! i have to be 21 to buy a handgun and ammo. but that doesnt mean i cant legally own a handgun before im 21 lol Both of these are correct. I believe in Indiana tho it's 21 for rifles as well. Could be wrong tho
  6. Thanks. Yea it's a pierce extension. If it wasn't for that it would be no where near as comfortable for me to shoot. Went thru 200 rounds at the range the other day and had zero issues what so ever. Would be a great choice! Buddy who I go to range with has one and it shoots about the same. I was slightly more accurate with his. But plan on carrying this so I went with the smaller 3.8 barrel.
  7. Hey fellas just wanted to share my new purchase. This is my first gun but have been around weapons my entire life. It will be used mainly for carrying and having fun on the range. After a ton of research I finally decided to get this beauty. The Springfield Xdm 40 Case with all the goodies. regular magazine w/ grip extension extended mag Thanks for looking
  8. sub up/ port back box- 13h x 25w x 16d port- 10.75 h x 2.125w x 40L 1extra baffle net volume- 1.26 frequency- 32.91 port area per foot- 18.1in2 port area- 22.84in2 I have the sketchup done but as I stated before I'm on mobile
  9. actually just got done with design you wanted me to do earlier. i'm on mobile so makes it kind of difficult to put up and won't be on a computer as i'm in afghan land till mid july. i can put up the specs tho and email the sketchup file to you tho
  10. I'd tune in the low 30 range 30-32. Also have you thought about just doing a slot port? Only reason I suggest that is so you can get your port area up. On the boxes I do I generally tune low 30 range w/ 17-19 per. Would be much happier that way IMO
  11. She's looking sexy! haven't seen my girl in a while Box is looking good too haha
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