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  1. wouldnt 2 4" aero ports be the same as an 8" lmao but come one someone start a design please ill pay
  2. lol fizzy thanks and cause i feel like doing it myself this time cheaper lol
  3. Alright bro im trying to get a design going if you wanna talk pm me lol and ported because i prefer ported
  4. Idk i figured it to much , id prefer 30-33 hz to for tuned for if im feeling some slowed but usually country and rock
  5. your missing the point i want some cargo space lol for my tools, But without further ado Depth 17" Height 18" id prefer that to keep under cargo netting but can go over for all i care Length no longer then 35" i believe but i dont think it will take that much up i have a 8" aero but i think thats to much for a single 12"
  6. ill get em after this round of gears lol i dont want it bigger then 2.5cft but fi recommends 2,2 i believe
  7. Sub of choice 12" Fi Q Amp of choice AQ2200 im going to set gains as if it was a 1.5k amp for my safe keeping, dimensions will be had in like ten mins =]
  8. 2 dd1508s left 100 plus shipper a piece pm me for info please

    1. Purplehaze


      What??? You sellin the DD's???

    2. TeejayBee
    3. MrSkippyJ


      WHAT? i really just wanted to type in caps. why you selling?

  9. your title says 16.8v stable and your post asks 14v ? lol just look at its specs on their site
  10. i know you all have a 12 you dont want anymore, fi q tc sounds something along these lines
  11. TeejayBee

    WTB 12"

    that can handle 2 or 1k daily i dont want your alpine or kicker or rf subs so dont bother , i can trade ya 2 of my dd1508s or all 4 depending on the sub, let me know
  12. james your my hero all i have to say, i love how what i said got deleted when i thought it was a rule
  13. bump 1,5k in my bank waiting for one of these
  14. thats no fun yeah i know lol got the 44 words done gonna do the first chapter tomorrow since class isnt till 12
  15. ive got 2 years for this degree in collision repair and i might go back again and get my Mechanical Degree for automotive, but our teacher told of us half the kids that graduated last year are making a solid 45k one went big and is at a caddy dealer making close to 100k
  16. Number one Technical School in PA is where its at haha., Thaddeus Stevens, first days homeowrk define 44 words answer 25 questions read a chapter for my tech class fml
  17. i started today got a test friday and am about to test out of my math class to finish it for the year lol cant wait to start doing body work
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