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  1. battery tested too? That shouldn't be killing your battery, something isn't right. You probably said it, but what coil configuration are your subs (2 subs right)? Maybe you aren't running your amp where you think you are.
  2. The alt is the source so in a way yes. If your battery is dying then you need more source or less load. Typically 2 batteries won't be an issue for an alternator so if yours can't keep up with one, you may just have a bad alternator. Have you had it tested?
  3. if you can't charge one battery then adding another won't do you any good either.
  4. My little vstar 650 served me well, but I wanted a bit more power. So I got a Softail Heritage with the new 114.
  5. Is there a reason you wouldn't want to turn the source up to max clean output?
  6. what headunit? Are there settings for what the outputs do?
  7. at the end of the day, is any one else's preference on what sub they would buy going to change what you would want to buy? Are you just wanting a list of what people like or are you wanting someone to confirm your choice of the Orion?
  8. Procedure seems right to me. How far your gain is turned is completely dependent on the RCA input voltage, so a 1/4 sounds perfectly reasonable. It just means you have a high RCA input voltage. What head unit do you have? Unless the Brazilian style amps don't work with the DD-1??
  9. MrSkippyJ

    Budget 18 suggestions ?

    Not sure I understand the level 3 seeming small bit.
  10. You won’t lose any voltage. Using y splitters is fine.
  11. MrSkippyJ

    6.5” Mid Bass

    And that truck sounded fucking amazing. You gave me some great tips that helped me get my little scion sounding great too. OP, you can worry about equipment till you die and it won't matter if you don't get the install correct. Just like everything else, the install itself plays a HUGE part in how they sound. I'm pretty sure this has already been stated, it's just worth restating. People tend to try and just throw mid bass speakers where ever they can find space and pay little attention to properly installing them.
  12. MrSkippyJ

    box tuning and db numbers HELP

    you might not have enough port area either. though I have no idea how to tell if this is true or not. that could kill low end output though (I think)...