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  1. Thank you, I realize I should have cleaned the garage a bit first. Oops.
  2. Got a 2019 road glide. Will likely keep this one mostly stock since my Heritage has all the power upgrades. This thing rides like a dream though.
  3. LPF is mostly whatever sounds good to you. Mine usually end up around 70 or so I think. is your phase control a selector or a knob?
  4. Ask how they do it too, lots of shops don’t set them correctly.
  5. It won’t underpower the amp, it will just pop the fuse. Terrible idea to suggest running without the fuse.
  6. Is it wired for a front and rear speaker on each channel or rears on one channel and front on the other?
  7. Probably 4 ohms. The crossover divides the frequencies so somehow each driver is its own circuit or something like that.
  8. Triticum has done lots of testing, don’t be afraid to trust his calculator. I know of just a couple other people I trust equally to him when it comes to enclosures. I would ask him if what you want to do will work, his calculator is not the one single option. What you want to do might still work.
  9. Really anything your amp will work with is fine. Higher RCA input voltages are good for lots of amps or SQ competitions. From what your set up seems to be I wouldn't worry so much about RCA voltages as long as it is enough for your amps to work. That being said, I usually aim for 2V as a minimum.
  10. This happened to me with NewEgg too. It's because of the return address New Egg used was different than where the item was shipped from. FedEx calculated shipment time based on return address if I remember correctly. It changed from "today" delivery to "pending" and was delivered a couple days later. No clue if FI is doing something similar but that could be the cause. Is there a standard transit field somewhere there? All explained in this reddit post:
  11. Idle video. Not too different from the previous set up on video at idle. MUCH deeper and lopier (is that a word??) sound than before in person though. The little throttle blip you hear is me barely taping the throttle.
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