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  1. well impedance is a measure of a circuits resistance when voltage is applied and changes based on frequency (so for DC, resistance = impedance; for AC resistance <> impedance although they can be the same at times.). So anything you do to change that circuit at all will change the impedance curve. Definitely changing amps and/or drivers will change your impedance curve for sure. I'm not sure how much anything affects impedance rise more than anything else though. For the most part, I would imagine well designed system (enclosure design, powerful enough amp for woofers, etc...) is about all you need to worry about. Chasing down things to lower your impedance rise are just probably not worth it unless you just have a terrible designed system. IMO anyway, i don't know tons about impedance so very possible I am way off base here. On a side note, i have no idea how you would measure which one of those affects rise more or less than the others. You can easily see what enclosure has the least amount of change by keeping the equipment all the same and taking a base line of the impedance curve before you put the drivers in an enclosure. compare different enclosures to that curve and see which one has the curve you like best. but then you have to see how much you like how that enclosure sounds. But when you start changing the equipment you have no baseline to compare anything too. Unless there is a way to see impedance curve of a speaker with hooking an amp up to it? That is beyond what I know how to do though. haha. I suppose you test different amps that have the same RMS output with the same drivers to see what curve looks the best, whatever that means to you. This will end up being a lot of testing for what might end up being almost no discernible change in output as well.
  2. I'm guessing they play it WAY up for TV. Actually, there is no way they don't, I bet hes a blast to be around off camera. Still enjoy the show though!
  3. That dudes TV personality is annoying but I like the show anyways and the cars they build!
  4. That sucks man. Good to see you back, hopefully things are getting better!
  5. i won't get into what amp is better vs what amp, but the focal thing is likely because CEA rating is done at 4 ohms so there is no CEA rating for 2ohm. It doesn't look like they are using that as peak or anything like that.
  6. well the air pressure sensor portion was almost 200 of that. I think the speedo was 550. But it has a lot that your xl probably doesn't too. Gas guage, gear indicator, clock, fuel range, cylinder head temp, and some other stuff that is included on the harley speedo that needs to be on this one as well.
  7. Yeah. Hurt a bit buying it but it's worth it. about $800 with the air pressure sensor.
  8. Damn near done with the heritage. All of have left is some fender emblems and to add the air pressure sensors in. Got the new license plate holder, speedo, and shifter linkage added.
  9. That dude is kinda crazy but I enjoy his videos for sure. And I’m jealous of that thing. The side by side bug has bitten me and I’ve been looking.
  10. Sound deadening is one of the best and easiest things you can do. Do what you can to isolate the front Of the speaker from the back. In that case, seal the back of the speaker as much as you can. Pretty sure you’re an actual fucking monkey.
  11. I don't know man. We are now officially way beyond what I understand! lol
  12. you need a bolt with a locking nut on it for the ground. anything else is useless.
  13. self taping screws are the worst thing you can use for a ground. Please tell me you aren't seriously telling him to add 3 screws to make it a good ground.
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