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  1. These days my motorcycle has the audio upgrades. Haven’t had anything in my truck since sometime in 2017z
  2. talk about still creepin. how many decades has it been since you posted? Yeah I see you are still working out a lot. I'm working out too, but it's only my eating muscles these days.
  3. All good, that makes much more sense.
  4. Generally curious here, why would speakers of different size be out of phase wired to the same channel?
  5. Just like @Joshdashef I am seeing myself logged in as other users on some threads. On the thread he started I show up logged in as him and can't actually see any of the thread except for his first post.
  6. side note: a lot of that noise gets filtered out on the subwoofer side so even if it is there you may never hear it.
  7. running them seriously, no. I am far too unskilled for that and I will never spend the time to learn that skill lol. I have seen plenty of those buggies at the local hobby shop and have thought about it. I'm just not into nitro, though I think there may have been some electric ones. I have a few 1/8 cars already. The Kraton and traxxas UDR are 1/8 scale so i run them at times.
  8. My “mini” test bench. A couple AGMs in the floor. Those SMD blocks are super nice.
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