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  1. This is true when you are talking about component speakers. That is how you can have a 4 ohm tweeter and a 4 ohm mid and the amp sees 4 ohms. You are still sending high frequencies to to both speakers in your case. There are a bunch of terrible answers here. Your best bet is to not wire the tweeters up with that amp. Wiring tweeters on their own channel and the coax speakers on their own channel is not a solution, you will lose all stereo sound, although it probably won't hurt any equipment. Best bet is either to not use the tweeters and stick with the coax speakers (or replace the
  2. damn. feels like a part of the forums is gone now. maybe we can get a build log now?
  3. yeah, its' nice to have to things to keep your mind off life too. I went with video games and friends.
  4. looking good man! sorry to hear about all the shit going on, been there done that.
  5. These days my motorcycle has the audio upgrades. Haven’t had anything in my truck since sometime in 2017z
  6. talk about still creepin. how many decades has it been since you posted? Yeah I see you are still working out a lot. I'm working out too, but it's only my eating muscles these days.
  7. All good, that makes much more sense.
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