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  1. Sup Big Steve!!! ordering a quad from you off Amazon, and the only info I could find was on page 5 of this thread said 5/16" bolts. Are they still 5/16"? ordering 1/0 lug rings as well, and want to be sure to get the right size for your masterpiece! ***edit, nevermind, just thought about it. if i order 3/8", its not like the extra 1/16th will make any difference, lol
  2. and she cant drive to boot.....half in her spot, hanging out the back....lmao
  3. HOE-LEE-SHIT!!!! what a difference! and love the gloss/matte combo! Took that "rolled off the dealer lot" look off of her! Did he have to do any prep to the finish before spraying? The chrome looked pretty shiny/smooth.....or did he use some kind of self etching primer?
  4. bad ass man, crazy that hes already at that age bro. I remember him still kicking around playing with toys while you were working on these rides.......now hes working on his own. Has it really been THAT long?!
  5. its people like this that get cops to act this way. dont get me wrong, I absolutely hate cops. Had my share of tickets/harassments. but if you provoke a crocodile, are you going to be surprised if he bites your hand off? fucking dick.....roll your god damn window down and be personable. if your were not drinking, smoking, etc....why the fuck did you have to be such an ass about it?! "uhhhh, I know my rights bro, and stuff...."
  6. holy fauk!!! I havent laughed that hard in a long time!!! thanks yo!!
  7. have to say...really expected girls to be modeling these shirts.... voted....
  8. what cave have I been living in? when did Soundman start this "series"?
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