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  1. again, no one TOLD you to change it. they just stated an opinion. obviously you ARENT going to change it, its already painted. you keep on saying we're telling you that you HAVE to change it, when no one is actually doing that. that's how you're interpreting it.
  2. we understand that. most people are the same way with their cars. you did take suggestions on what color to paint the truck in the first place, FYI.
  3. are opinions not allowed here? seriously everytime i see someone post an "idea" they think would look cool, you get heated. relax dude, not EVERYONE is going to like EVERYTHING.
  4. i wasen't trying to be an ass...idk how the condition of it was, i just meant i liked the lighter mocha color (or whatever its called) better than the new paint.
  5. damn. maybe i will get the ss. although this is just for a daily driver, not to be modding haha
  6. Ok, so i've sold the jeep, and should have my dakota sold soon too, and should have around 3,300, maybe closer to 4,000 for a down payment. i still have the MINI, and my explorer (which isnt driveable right now) and the MINI isnt a good daily driver becuase of the wall and all the stuff im doing to it, so it stays in the garage and only gets driven probably a few times a month if that. i need something reliable, and good gas milage (honestly i could care less as i daily drive an excursion right now so it cant get much worse lol) but this is going to be vinyl wrapped for a business advertisement, and be my daily driver, for a while. nothing will be done to it as far as system or anything lol, and im set on getting this car, ive driven a few and like them, theyre pretty room inside, cheap, get good gas milage, and i personally like how they look. they are also popular for vehicle wraps, as is the scion xb etc...my dad has an xB(the older one) and i like it, but i like these better. i drove a nissan cube too, i like those but they are a little TOO goofy looking lol. thought about getting a panel version of the HHR, since the rear glass will be covered, but those dont come with rear seats, then i'd find myself swapping in rear seats, and all that so im just gonna get the regular model. they come with 3 engines. 2.2L(155hp), 2.4L(tad bit more power, 172hp) and 2.0L (SS version, 260hp). i drove a manual SS, and it was pretty nice. i drove an auto 2.4L, was nice too. from what im reading, the 2.2L manual gets the best MPG (30+ on highway, some reporting as high as 37-38mpg) i kinda wanna stick with a manual. so im deciding between a couple options here... a BRAND NEW 2010 HHR LS (manual 2.2L) is 18,720, then its showing online theres a 2,000 dollar discount, making it $17,440 after dealer destination charge etc. then i have about 3-4g down, so lets say id be financing around 14k. the other option is buy a used SS, theres a used 2008 that i drove, stick shift, for 18,xxx (plus all the tag dealer fee all that ish) with 12,000 miles and a 5 yr warranty. this obviously wouldnt get as good fuel as the 2.2L either, but not too bad at the same time. which route would you guys go? i know for sure i want black interior (all black) and leather or anything doesnt matter. i drove one with leather and its nice, but i actually like the cloth seats alot as well. problem with buying a used LS model is most of them are automatic (which if i have to, ill go with that, its not THAT big of a deal, but i prefer manual) and then alot of them arent full black interiors (some have gray on the dash and seats, or tan, etc) give me some opinions here guys
  7. this is what i have for the MINI http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16883220002
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