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  1. It should push them. You could push them harder, however. 1200-2000watts RMS would be the range you would really be wanting. Just know that you risk blowing them of you push more than the rated 600watts RMS / each especially if the signal is distorted/clipped. That being said I push 1000 watts to my single SA-12 in the same box (2cuft @ 34hz), but I don't hammer on it everyday. I usually play it at medium volume daily, but i'm not afraid to crank it up. So yes what you have will make them play, but you can definitely put more power to them clean. Also do you have a budget in mind for this amp?
  2. Well I tune their amps and since they are mostly friends who trust me when i tell them dont mess with the settings on the amp. Aaaaaand I did have most of them turned up past where they needed to be at the max Head unit volume indicated by the DD-1, Haha. My saving grace was that i had told the people too low a volume on the Head unit. But again, I had no confidence in any of them, just listened closely and then hoped I was conservative enough to protect the customers stuff
  3. Just a quick post holidays update, Happy New Years! I got myself a few tools for Christmas. My favorite of them being a DD-1! Now, I should note that I do not own a business and the installs I do are mostly for friends and friends of friends and they are all pretty simple. But none the less after I played with the DD-1 on my own system, for anyone local I had previously done an install for i offered a free tune up on their amp gains. After I briefly explained what the Dd-1 did and it's benefits all my customers were eager to take me up on the offer. After doing my own amp and several others in customers vehicles, I'm pretty proud of my ears. Out of curiosity i documented where I had set the gains and the maximum volume I had recommend the radio be turned up to safely. I can safely say that on every single setup i checked setting for the Headunit were under the distortion point on the SMD, but by no more than 4 clicks of the volume (and oddly the majority were exactly 3 clicks below what the DD-1 said). I was below 1% distortion at -5db on all the highs amps I tested with the SMD at the volume I specified on the head units and when each Headunit was turned up the where the dd-1 said they distorted all, but 1 system was still below distortion at -5db (the 1 system was still below it at -10db however). For the sub amps all were below distortion at -10 db at my recommend Max Headunit volume and -15db at the DD-1 HU volume with my gain settings. Again this is in no way to brag about how well I can set up a system by ear. Trust me I had no confidence in my setups before using the DD-1, I just got lucky with my educated guesses on the settings. I subsequently set each system to the customers preference whether safe on the sq side or pushed the max for SPL. I also informed them of the Max Headunit volume and risks associated with low quality music sources and pushing their systems past the distortion point. My favorite part of the whole experience has to be that not a single person was unhappy with the results after using the DD-1. Everyone's system also sounded better in my opinion and many of them sounded noticeably louder. Even though the systems I set up previously were "OK" I never felt very good about them and was always concerned I would blow up. I love knowing that each amp and Headunit is now safely set after using the dd-1. A HUGE thanks to D'Amore and SMD!
  4. I really love the fact that we have this forum. A resource where all audio lovers can come to learn and interact. It's really a cool thing, that among our ranks, we have some of the Greats of the audio community. I can actually get their input on my small scale projects. AWESOME. That is all.

    1. hoit


      I second this!!

  5. Not to attempt to answer in Jacobs place, and correct me if i'm wrong, but the very early run of the ZV.4 with the mega roll surround did have an Issue with the glue. Not every woofer of course, but for the first batches the they did not assemble the subs in house. However, as soon as Sundown realized there was a recurrent issue for the Zv.4 series they resolved it by designing a better system for securing the mega roll surrounds. They also switched to assembling the ZV.4s in house, i believe. I have always been extremely impressed Sundowns products. I have purchased and installed several woofers from various levels and every single one has out performed my expectations. I had a single instance where I was sent a 10" instead of 12" woofer, but as soon as I had the woofer in the mail they had the correct woofer on the way, with faster shipping. So if you are on the fence about dealing with the company or getting a quality woofer, GO FOR IT, You will not regret it.
  6. I'm not saying it isn't a great amp. Maybe with a bigger alt and another battery the SAZ would be happier. But it seems like, the way they are marketing it and with the minimal electrical that i have, I might make more power with one of the SCV amps. Anyway, I'm not trying to take this thread off topic, but It would be interesting to find out about the efficiency of the new amps.
  7. These new amps make me wonder If I would have been better of getting the SCV 2000 or even the 3000, instead of the SAZ 2500D v2... I wonder if I would get more or equal power out of between 12-14 volts with less strain on my electrical.
  8. They are rated at 600 rms. But If you are pushing CLEAN Power to them up to 1000rms is fine. I have had one on ~1000+ watts for well over a year and it's still running strong. But I also dont beat the hell out it or clip it. *this is for one woofer. So two woofers you could put on 1500 to 2000 watts, but you need to set your gains with a dd-1 and i wouldnt do it on a budget amp.
  9. Does anyone know how many feet of power wire needed to run a power wire from a driverside battery through the firewall and to the driverside rear wall on a 2002 Silverado Extended cab? Trying to help out a friend out who got screwed over by a local shop, but he doesnt know what he is doing and I dont have access to the truck (or one like it). They installed RF R1200D with an 8 gauge CCA powerwire and charged him out the a$$. Im trying to save him a few bucks by not buying a full ins...

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    2. bentandbroken



      Rolex- I have seen it in person, unfortunately he didn't know i had audio expertise until after he paid to get it done. Its a chinese special CCA 8 gauge kit. It about the same size as my 12 gauge SHCA. I dont know the fuse size and no he hasnt blown it (yet). Its wired at 1 Ohm. BUT last time i checked that amp had a 150 amp fuse recommendation. True Spec 8g CCA is only rated for 60amps. Pretty sure its a problem. Anyway, I am out of town however and he wants to orde...

    3. ROLEXrifleman


      That amp is rated to draw 110 amps max and calls for a 150 in line fuse. At any rate driven at 1 ohm and with wire as you described I can also see your concern. Get 16 feet of nice 4 gauge on the cheap and call it a wrap

    4. bentandbroken


      Yup thats the plan. Prob gonna get Some SHCA OFC 4gauge. Just dont want him to waste $ on extra wire.

  10. Thanks to the Positive Support, I have started my build thread

  11. Contemplating making a build thread. . .

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    2. rockFord_Expedition


      Equipment isnt what makes an install embarrasing, and not everyone can do 5 star finish work, just take pride in what you do and youll be fine

    3. moredbs


      no need to be embarrassed.there is always gonna be something better than what you do.share learn,and have fun,thats what its about.

    4. magillaru


      ^^ what they said.....I was hesitant at first too but really glad I did....a bonus is you can feedback along the way especially if you get stuck somewhere or just need to bounce an idea off someone.

  12. Hey Guys random question. Are there any rules about buying items? Like min. post count or anything?

    1. Krakin


      I don't believe so, just selling is a min of 750 unless you buy a premium ad for a dollar.

    2. bentandbroken
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