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  1. It’s been played. I could free air it for a while I guess. I need to get a more precise multimeter and re-measure. http://sound.whsites.net/tsp.htm is what I followed, but I also recently found. http://www.readresearch.co.uk/measuring_ts_1.php which seems to offer more specific tips more greater accuracy. So I’m gonna redo it tomorrow hopefully. If I can find a better multimeter. Mine is only good for 100 mV increments so it’s hard to get a good reading. I’m open to suggestions this is my first rodeo for measuring T/S. EDIT: Sd=547.5 measuring to Include half the surround.
  2. Okay, I have measured the sub, but these are likely off. Wasn't able to get an IM-SG, and I did my best with what i was working with. So take them with a grain of salt. I have more info from Sundown as well. The based on the pictures the suggested i probably had a stiffer spider and potentially the 8 layer voice coil. They said 2 to 2.25cuft at 35hz and 32in of port area, but they indicated that was better if i have a LOT more power like a 5k or 7.5K at 1 ohm. It was also suggested that i might be able to compromise with the power i have, by building the box larger (2.5 to 3cuft) and tuning at like 40hz with 2 6" aeros. I am not really sure what to do at this point. I did get a more precise measurement of my current box. It is 2.2cuft net with a single 6" aero tuned at 34hz (port is 25.5" long and has a 90 deg bend in it). So i have that box to fall back on if need be, but i'd like to see what you suggest i do. Also idk if this is possible but i would like to use the rest of this 6" pipe i have about 10 ft of it so there should still be plenty for 2 aeros i think. as far as tuning goals I am interested in getting the most out of the sub on the power I have. Thanks! Measurements: Re- 1.0 Ohm Fs- 42.5Hz Qes- .40745 Qms- 8.485 Qts- .3888 Vas- 5.60L
  3. Okay I've already been playing it for a couple weeks in a test box. I'm not even sure of the boxes actual specs but its roughly 2 cuft and ~30Hz so hopefully its broken in enough. What I will say is i will have to destroy the test box to get the sub out. I *might* have made the cutout out a bit too tight. ? But I'm hoping I can get it measured today. Wish me luck haha
  4. As it turns out it looks like all the soft parts and the coil might be different from stock. So from the looks of it I'm going to wind up having to measure/calculate the T/S parameters myself. Ive never done this, but I'm gonna give it a shot. I also am going to see if my local shop has a SMD IM-SG to make the process easier. Just so I don't miss something while measuring could you tell which parameters you must know? thanks!
  5. I didn't get a response to my initial inquiry via the website email system i sent a on the 21st. I just sent an email to the sundownz email directly and hopefully I will get a response. If not i may start a thread in the sundown forum and see if i get a response. I want to give him plenty of time to respond though as i know he is busy and i'm sure his email gets swamped.
  6. I sent a request for them to Sundown. I know all they change is the surround but you are right that would alter the T/S parameters from stock. I’ll let you know if I get a reply.
  7. No problem, thought I was going crazy for a minute there.
  8. It’s all there in the post on my end? It must not be showing up for you?
  9. What info am I missing? I thought I had covered my bases there. Sorry
  10. Hey y'all my laptop that i had old my programs on finally bit the dust. Kinda left me in a bind as i was working on a box for my new sub. I know Joe X used to help with box design and there are sure to be others that can help me out. Heres the setup: Vehicle: 2005 Mini Cooper S Hatchback Max External: H=18-20" W=35" D=24" there is wiggle room in the height and i have 10' of 6 inch aero port laying around. Sub: single Sundown 12" Zv5 D2 with SPL surround Amp: Sundown SCV3000D at 1 ohm Tuning goals: Not looking for the lowest tuning just wanting to be loud on music. most my music is 30-60hz i think. Nothing should be lower than high 20s. I'm more interested in having a well designed box that allows the woofer to play its best on the power i'm giving it. That being said i don't have a preference for sub or port placement but have historically used sub up port up and sub back port back. Thanks!
  11. It depends on the vehicle. Most newer cars are drive by wire, which means the idle is computer (ECU) controlled. Changing the ECU settings with a flash tool is the only way to adjust such cars.
  12. Okay here are the pics he says the top left fet is the only thing wrong with it.
  13. Just wanting to know what I should pay for a SAZ-2000D that needs a mosfet(s). It's going to be my first amp repair, but I have a very good soldering set up and am moderately skilled. The owner claims only one fet is blown and the rest of the board is good, He claims a couple board mounting screws came loose ( ) and it shorted on the casing. . I will post pictures when he sends them.
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