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  1. And just what american muscle car would take a bugatti? the SSC ultimate aero, WAS the fastest, and faster than the veyron for 2009/2010... which is an american car but its now ranked #3 in the fastest 3. SSC Ultimate Aero: 257 mph 2. Koenigsegg Agera R: 260 mph, 1. Bugatti Veyron: 267 mph So basically, the answer is none.
  2. I'm selling my Xbox 360 Elite with the 120gb hard drive and an Xbox 360 wireless adapter. All the cables and the controller comes with it. The controller has a rechargeable battery pack too. I have the original box that's pretty beat up or I can send it in one of the green boxes the standard 360s come in..it's up to the buyer. Edit: No longer for sale. It turns out that the power cord was just going out. I got a new one from a friend and it works like new again, so I'll be keeping it for sure. I didn't want to buy a new console anyway.
  3. My friend ordered a triple alt bracket with belt and got it in like a week.
  4. Republican .....NO THANKS do your research RON PAUL HAS TO GO AS A REP HE EVEN SAID IF IT WAS ON HIM HE WOULD RUN AS A THIRD PARTY, do your RESEARCH democrats/republicans same shit diffrent name dont go by that look up your stuff wake up America Now how could I disagree with such an angry, grammatical-error filled post, especially when someone says Democrats and Republicans are the same? Oh wait, it's easy. The two parties are not the same at all. Do you even know what each party stands for? If they were the same, there would only be one party.
  5. Oh, it's been a few hours. I forgot that he's supposed to be on here 24 hours a day so he can instantly reply to everyone who doubts him. I don't care if he does or doesn't have one..it's just stupid to always automatically assume someone is lying, especially using his post count as a basis for his honesty. The two are not related.
  6. You do realize post count means absolutely nothing, don't you? You think because he has two posts it's impossible for him to have a level 6 15?
  7. Thanks. Crysis 2 was an amazing game with even more amazing graphics. It's kind of like Call of Duty and Halo combined. The campaign was a lot of fun, and it had a good story. I'd keep it if any of my friends played it online, but they're all CoD guys too lol.
  8. I'm just going off eBay prices, which are $200 and up for just the console, not the console and adapter. If you want to go to Gamestop, be my guest. And in case you missed it, these prices are OBO, and Gamestop prices aren't.
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