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    Car Audio, Shootin Pool, Fishing, Football, and pulling pranks on friends.

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  1. Work more hours at my job and get more money for car stuff but sacrifice workout time or work the same amount of hours i have been and pay bills and keep my workout time :/ lose-lose situation here...

    1. mrd6


      don't sacrifice your health for audio and money lol

  2. I gotta get more shaker bottles.

  3. I wonder if people in the mascot outfits smile when they get their picture taken?

    1. alaskanzx5


      only if getting that pic with a sexy girl

  4. Wow. Today was a FULL day!

  5. Relaxing to some Fozzy before sleep. Work in 5 hours -_-

  6. Thought I was getting better as the day went on yesterday only to awake today to find I was right back where I started. This sucks!

  7. Feeling and look like death :(

    1. Neckbeard


      ^ the affects of tequila.

    2. MrSkippyJ
  8. Stephen Colbert is a genius.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Raptorman


      Better than that other guy who looks like a fucking crow. Jesus I hate that guys face.

    3. KillaCam
    4. OrionStang


      Both fags.

      All about ratings, not helping with shit.

  9. People who work in retail should be able to refuse to sell certain things to certain people. Dude, you're 50, put away the tapout tshirt and ed hardy pants.

  10. Choice is down to either getting more ink next or getting a cold air intake on the eclipse. Decisions, decisions, decisions....

  11. Spent the morning hours helping to keep us caught up at work, now to blast some Disturbed and hit the weights. Please, do not disturb.

  12. ill never finance anything through wells fargo again. They have my info wrong in their system and it's MY fault and you want to get pissy with ME????? Don't think so princess.

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    2. Miguels


      i once got screwed by them and still want them to pay $1900. got my check direct deposit went out spending. monday morning i check my bank and shows im negative.. every purchase i did had a $35 fee even a damn soda.. they claim my direct deposit still didn't clear so they charged insufficient founds on me.. weird because i banked other places and never had problems with my direct deposit from work

    3. Miguels


      so i took my direct deposit and they kept adding interest and now want me to pay them $1900 after they stole from me

    4. New2Dis


      holy shit miguel that is scary hope wells fargo doesnt fk with me when i set up direct deposit in like a week :(

  13. Blake Dukeshier Remember bro: "Don't argue with idiots. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." Let the guy go crow to someone who cares lol

  14. Day off from weight lifting so it's on to YouTube to check out my second love: Car Audio

    1. MrSkippyJ


      you watch the guys at the gym don't you?

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