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  1. yeah ill diff lose a few but im fine with that trying to get loud 1dc level 6 18 off a DC 9k soon soon to be installed
  2. nice very nice that gives me more hope and true get the job done right thanks for the help
  3. but a 270 would be lesse strain on the engine or is it a huge diff from 270-320 only 50 amps more
  4. i wondering if a 1.8 liter 4cyl engine can take a 320amp alternator or should a 270amp alternator work better any one running a HO alternator on 4cyl engines?
  5. thats a beast for sure by the end of the year deff want to get my hands on a 9 or 12k
  6. id say 6 12s but that level 6 would be nice on that power i got a level 6 and im dieing to get it installed going to run 8k on the level 6 when i get my amp and the rest of the goodies but
  7. get the level 6 18s shits a crazy sub i got 1 and do 4 level 6s on 40k soon im tyring to run to dc audio level 6 18s on 20k ima run the 1 i got now on 8-10k
  8. do what i did geta level 6 18 and put 8k on that beast will i didnt do it yet but hopefully in a month or 2 ill have 8k on my level 6 18 hoppefully soon 8k but i would do the level 5s 3500rms to each would be nice
  9. how much power are you running on those neos and sick vids man hope i can do the same in a month or two dc audio 1 level 6 on 8k ish and the 3rd vid hahahaha thats a nice reaction
  10. pic are from my i touch not the best but yeah can see what the sub looks like and the plans for this sub hopefully next month or july ima do the build 8k+ 1 level 6 18 DC audio for the win ima take some othere pics soon of the level 6 next to a solo x my buddys got just to campare what a monster this sub is my GOD bless all of you guys have fun with the pics
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