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  1. 2002 chevy trailblazer "Project Rusty Pipe" on here as a build log i had 2 DC XL m1 18s on 2 audiopipe 1500 strapped and i let her sit to long and didnt realize how much was actually wrong with the motor and it ran fine for about 30 seconds and cylinder 3 ate the end of the spark plug which in turn started a chain reaction that caused it through a valve and a piston so about a month ago someone messaged me and said they found an old insurance card and sent me a video of a rebuilt motor and shes runnning again but she is 4 states away so maybe one day ill get her back
  2. Alright ladies and gents I stepped away from audio for awhile but I got together with Rusty and just recones some of my old DC XL m1 15s to 18s and have been running them for acouple weeks now and the basshead itch came back so now I'm searching for 2 more XL m1 motors with or without baskets and start a new build I wanna show everyone that even tho they are old motor DC audio can still rep for years after being used if y'all have any info please let me know
  3. I'm currently getting 2 new recone kits from DC audio here shortly and replacing the baskets since they got messed up and some of the bolts holsing everything together have been stripped out and I need to replace them does anyone know the teead count and spacing I tried to finger tighten 1/4 by 20 threaded bolts and that wasnt it need help in the worst way
  4. you know i mean it is meade/anothnys build but i still would like to see the doors redone but i mean everyones opinions dont matter cause it is his build just think the T5 series would be nicer and alittle more mid range in the front would be nice but to each there own
  5. thanks man this def helps out alot im guessing im gonna want to put down the RED first or should i do the black first so i can get alittle dark red almost maroon
  6. thanks alot guys ordering some now ill post pictures on this thread and my build log
  7. thank god it comes in red i was hoping it would be able to come in the color of my car
  8. thanks man well i think it will be fine and thats an awesome idea but how long would that last one there if i sprayed it on? cause once its on im not taking it off
  9. alright guys this is just something simple i plan on painting my stock rims but im not sure if i wanna paint them mayself or take them to a shop if there is a good simple way to paint my rims to how they were photoshopped would someone pleasae tell me the kind of spray paint i wanna look for i know im gonna want to sand everything down just let me know please heres what they were gonna look like
  10. hey guys been trying to work on my trailblazer but recently got hurt at work so i havent been able to get paid was wondering if anyone had 2 relays laying around and female quick disconnects just wanted to try and run some wires for my fans amps LEDs and volt meters i have plenty of wire so thats not my problem just wondering anyone had anything thanks guys
  11. im looking for a brz2400 to run my 15s are on i dont need the bass knob just the amp please and thank you
  12. now the 3100 i can fit under the hood up front can u send em a PM on how much u want for it please those 925s are alittle thicker but i think i can get them to work how much do u want a piece and how much do u want all together
  13. hey guys im looking for 4 xs power D375s needing them badly for this install and th only ones ill have room to hide in my blazer cause of my encloser if anyone has some thay wanna get rid of please let me know
  14. future refrence it didnt put this in the beginning but this is the man that design this sick ass decal for me DJ-SLOW-N-THROW http://dj-slow-n-throw-productions.weebly.com/ hes a good friend and deserves all the credit for this
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