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  1. well guys i hate to say this but the rusty pipe bit the dust not long after this corona crap started i went to go start the trailblazer up it started up just fine then out of no where i heard a loud pop and a bunch of smoke out one side of the motor so i dug into it alittle bit with an endoscope and found out that cylinder 3 decided to eat the end of the spark plug which bent the value and broke it then broke the top of the piston and siezed the motor so a few weeks ago i found someone to come tow it away cause it is well outside of my price range to fix it at this point which means that im out of the game for a good bit right now im still gonna make as many shows as i can when everything lets up but at this point i dont see me getting a new car in the next decade to tear down for another build i wish you all gods speed and faith that nothing else happens cause 2020 has emotional broke me after burrying my brother yesterday everyone stay safe
  2. I dont know but if this shit doesnt let up soon im about to lose my house my car and my property in about 2 months and being at home this being the first time ive ever been laid off in a decade from when i first started working going through a divorce and now having to raise my daughter alone without the help of my ex wife and her not paying me child support ive made sure she has anything she wants or whatever she wants to do in this time of crisis but damnit to hell if i dont have enough money to pay my bills i dont know how im gonna recover my daughter and i might have to move to the streets just let us go back to damn work already im an electrician as much as i got paid i can recover with time but if anything else happen or this bullshit goes on any longer im completely fucked
  3. More pictures and videos coming soon gotta get a new battery for it and then got a bunch of suspension work that needs to be done to it that ill post up while im working on it here in the near future but for now let me know what yall think
  4. hey guys im sure some of yall have already seen this post once but it got archived so im gonna re-upload everything so i can update yall on whats been changed since i did on that last part just a few things i would get some videos here soon but here in WV the car itself will not pass inspection so its hard to get it out and drive around without getting a 300 ticket for not having the proper sticker in the window but here it goes Car: 2002 Chevy Trailblazer System: 2 Audiopipe apsm 1500s 2 DC audio XL M1 18s (use to be 2 audiopipe bd2 18s) 2 runs of SHCA CCA power front to back 3 SHCA CCA frame grounds ALL SHCA wire big 3 custom switch panel 2 american bass coxails in the front rear doors arent working single Duracell G34 deep cycle under the hood and a DC power 270XP for alternator power
  5. thanks guys ill start a new one then hopefully i still have all my pictures
  6. hey i took a break for awhile to take care of my daughters health problems and just now had a chance to upload some more photos of my trailblazer build and come to find out my post had been archived is there anyway to reverse that?
  7. Alright ladies and gents I stepped away from audio for awhile but I got together with Rusty and just recones some of my old DC XL m1 15s to 18s and have been running them for acouple weeks now and the basshead itch came back so now I'm searching for 2 more XL m1 motors with or without baskets and start a new build I wanna show everyone that even tho they are old motor DC audio can still rep for years after being used if y'all have any info please let me know
  8. I'm currently getting 2 new recone kits from DC audio here shortly and replacing the baskets since they got messed up and some of the bolts holsing everything together have been stripped out and I need to replace them does anyone know the teead count and spacing I tried to finger tighten 1/4 by 20 threaded bolts and that wasnt it need help in the worst way
  9. you know i mean it is meade/anothnys build but i still would like to see the doors redone but i mean everyones opinions dont matter cause it is his build just think the T5 series would be nicer and alittle more mid range in the front would be nice but to each there own
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