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  1. Alright ladies and gents I stepped away from audio for awhile but I got together with Rusty and just recones some of my old DC XL m1 15s to 18s and have been running them for acouple weeks now and the basshead itch came back so now I'm searching for 2 more XL m1 motors with or without baskets and start a new build I wanna show everyone that even tho they are old motor DC audio can still rep for years after being used if y'all have any info please let me know
  2. I'm currently getting 2 new recone kits from DC audio here shortly and replacing the baskets since they got messed up and some of the bolts holsing everything together have been stripped out and I need to replace them does anyone know the teead count and spacing I tried to finger tighten 1/4 by 20 threaded bolts and that wasnt it need help in the worst way
  3. Yeah they arent really a top seller but they are night and day difference from the dc xl m1 15s I had in here aawhile back ill get some videos up soon i promise
  4. got some more progress today before the heat set in and i was getting the carpet all wet from sweating all over it i know that the carpet on one side is all messed up need to grab a new blade at work so i can cut it straight let me know what yall think so far and yes i know i f#%&ed up the carpet on one corner did my best to try and fix it
  5. thanks man glad to be back once i figure out how im going to get some videos over ill post them up but as of right now it is playing havent metered it dont have anyone locally with a term lab but right now subs are out and box is about to be carpeted and trim piece is going to be made up for the amp rack and also the equipment that im running right now is 2 Audiopipe TXX-BD2 18W2s 2 Audiopipe APSM-1500s strapped at 2 DC Power 270xp single Durcaell g34 up front with big 3 2 runs on SHCA CCA 0/1 front to back 2 frame grounds SPL Cartel Bassknob from Full Tilt audio with that electrical as small as it is at 2k rmp going full tilt ill drop to about 13.0ish depending on the song that im playing
  6. sorry been trying to get my pictures to upload but for some reason it wont let me do anything cause im only aloud 600kb for some reason
  7. Some of you may know who I am but i havent been on this forum in years had to set aside car audio to take care of my family and then dealing with a divorce and now taking care of my daughter ive slowly been working my way back into the game so for now here is what I have
  8. Yeah triticum thank you for the help man not alot of people on here anymore that would what you did without asking for a transaction to there Paypal account
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