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  1. Joshdashef your my new best friend buddy thanks for all the help
  2. so would i need multiple video cards to run multiple screens cause i was wanting to use one screen for gaming and the other for my possible future twitch account or media outlets so i have access to both things at the same time? and at that point to i have to get a certain motherboard to run both of them? and one more question i have multiple fans all of the same kind but im not sure how to link them all together im REALLY new to building a pc just needing alittle guidance
  3. its okay bud i just wanted to make sure that was fine before i suggest anything because i dont want to do that and then everything go up in smoke them im the one to blame cause i didnt check first
  4. honestly it wouldnt matter to me if i just paid someone to build it for me and they buy the parts but i want someone that build a themed PC ive seen them bouncing around the internet but i cant get in contact with the builder cause im pretty sure that when i email them they dont see it from so many requests that they get
  5. well before you do anything you need to get the electrical to back up 4k if you dont do that the nice equipment that you have is going to go poof in smoke
  6. what is going to be your ending impedance?
  7. hey ive got a random question ive read through most of this thread and the troubleshooting but does anyone know if this car is uni-body? ive ran into this problem before just a random thought sorry if i butted in to yall trouble shooting the problem and dealing with a person that is just making issues worse by not giving any information or helping the subject at all
  8. 2002 chevy trailblazer "Project Rusty Pipe" on here as a build log i had 2 DC XL m1 18s on 2 audiopipe 1500 strapped and i let her sit to long and didnt realize how much was actually wrong with the motor and it ran fine for about 30 seconds and cylinder 3 ate the end of the spark plug which in turn started a chain reaction that caused it through a valve and a piston so about a month ago someone messaged me and said they found an old insurance card and sent me a video of a rebuilt motor and shes runnning again but she is 4 states away so maybe one day ill get her back
  9. anyone know any websites or anything to do custom builds for would the infamous MEADE916 build me a PC and have some CNC work done on the plexiglass
  10. thanks for the help carrot let me get somethings together and ill get in contact with you
  11. mostly first person shooters my team and i have been playing warzone and COD multiplayer recently and i wanted to start streaming on twitch so i would need to be able to use at least 2 screens at a time i wanna keep my xbox for more racing games then anything and i would also need someone thats willing to let me make some payment plan with them from where im a single parent things come up and i cant drop a grand or 2 or even 3 at the drop of a hat
  12. hey guys needing an extra hand with something can anyone point me in the correct direction on finding someone to build me a custom gaming PC with a theme i already have the case and fans but im starting to feel like im at the point where i dont feel comfortable building the rest im willing to ship out the case to someone but i need someone reliable that isnt going to screw me over cause my bank account wont allow something like that if anyone could help me it would be much appreciated thanks everyone
  13. well guys i hate to say this but the rusty pipe bit the dust not long after this corona crap started i went to go start the trailblazer up it started up just fine then out of no where i heard a loud pop and a bunch of smoke out one side of the motor so i dug into it alittle bit with an endoscope and found out that cylinder 3 decided to eat the end of the spark plug which bent the value and broke it then broke the top of the piston and siezed the motor so a few weeks ago i found someone to come tow it away cause it is well outside of my price range to fix it at this point which means that im ou
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