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  1. do it the right way. even if distortion and gain is set at 47/50, the gain on the amp will not be set too high where it can be harmful to your set up. then you can listen it at 27/50 all you want knowing that your set up is clean......but not going to be loud unless you crank it up to 47
  2. at first, we would be talking shit about that camaro, but what people dont understand is people talk shit about our rides and dont even know it. Like steve, for example, when the local news broadcast his vid with the yellow pages shredding in his shop, have anyone read the comments people said about the hoe? if a person got money to burn, let them be. if i had money to burn, i would do what i want and wont even care what the next person will say because i didnt build that said car to someone else's liking.
  3. If you would like a new original CD mailed to you send an email to [email protected] with your info and we will take care of you thank you, sent the email already.
  4. Who can I contact to get a new CD? The one I have has somehow warped and keeps hitting the lenses in my CD player, which does not pick up the disc.
  5. Cheapest priced please as I do not have much fund to spend, but need it in order to land a job for the mean while. Thank you
  6. LoL Damn. Thread got big. I extended my stay in cali until Thursday, and I had to give back the rental since it was gonna be too expensive for me. If anyone is down make a trip to the IE for a meet up, that will be a lot better, even if yall don't have bass.
  7. Thank you very much bro. It's does 150 on music and 152 on a burp @46 Hz. We in the south dawgie, we do it in the kick. LOL. Still haven't measured it in the dash, but I will when I join Bass Race/DB Drag in the west coast.
  8. now that sucks. hopefully you will have everything the next time i come here(when i move back to cali for good) When will that be? I'm currently stuck doing a full engine rebuild so sounds won't be done for quite a while now. Around the beginning of 2013. But ill be Here for good to be close to my wife and my 2 kids.
  9. Just got a rental so I can take my daughter around LA, and ill be here until Friday. Tuesday - day out with my lil girl and hit up king taco in east LA, Wednesday - DEMO DAY for me(and a few) Ken - you'll be the first person who ill go see on Wednesday. Btw, how are the wires that I sent you holding up?
  10. now that sucks. hopefully you will have everything the next time i come here(when i move back to cali for good) just arrived saturday night, been at the hospital with my wife since my son was born yesterday, and should have a rental later today to get me around town. jesus that is a pretty long drive......BUT i do need to see the coast and make the best of it. i will def hit you up when im in town. nice. right now im staying off JFK and Lassell same here, i stripped everything out since i blew one of my 12s i wish, but i got the plane ticket for half the cost that would had been if i drove my car to cali(just one way). and still havent decided when im going back yet. and for metering, one door open is when you are metering in the kick, depending where the meter is at(like if meter is on the passenger, you open the driver door, and vice versa). im in town, and going to LA for few hours to eat some king taco, and visiting some family members. should be back in the IE later today and should make my rounds in temecula(got a family member there)
  11. I'll be doing a week gettaway to cali, and wanted to know anyone in the Moreno valley, riverside, and maybe around East Los Angeles area to get few demos and what not?
  12. i got a pair of Zv3 15s with night shade parts that ill let go. i had them in a dual chambered box tuned to 38 and i can play from 30-47hz with zero problems, had it on a RD D9 at .25ohm before it went to protect when i went crazy on the knob. LOL.
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