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  1. as of right now i have been lazy... but what i did was just not use the batt in the trunk for right now... and its going from 1/0G to the distro to 4G to the amps with a 4G ground stright from the jl1000/1V2 to the body i am going to fix it and run the 1/0G stright to the batt.... but not 100% how i want to do it .... cause i have some 0G left over i want to connect but as off right now its slapping as long as i dont turn it up over 25/26 the deck goes to like idk 35/36 idk but if i do turn it up too much now my door speakers cut out so i need to check my crossovers i talked to a arc audio rep at autorama and he said un hook each speaker from the amp and re hook them up one at a time and crank it up until you find the one that cuts out or sends the amp into protection and then he said i could send it in and they will replace it so.. basicly its all on me lol i wish i could have at least entered into that system of the month to try and get a new alt but i seen the other guys and probley wouldnt stand a chance and i think it was too late idk
  2. after seeing other peoples set ups lol i would never win.... but i was woundering if i would be able to slide by with a kinetik hc800 in the trunk? everything i have is kenwood XXV-01D yellow top under hood jl 1000/1V2 FI 18" BL ported box arc audio KS300.4 arc audio ARC6000's in all 4 doors and kinetik hc800 in trunk with 1/0 gauge to 4g NO BIG 3 NO BIGGER ALT and the battery in the trunk isnt even hooked up right now lol I DONT KNOW IF I WOULD BE ABLE TO SLIDE ON THE 800? cause he did say hc600 IDK
  3. ya i used to have a 15" mtx 9500 lov that sub great sub all day long.... but i resently just got a 18" FI BL....... and man its a bad ass woofer as well ......hard to tell but im pretty sure this BL slaps harder.... ok i take that back the 18 dose hit harder... its just hard for me cause the 15 use to slap too its just different notes i guess or idk but ya the 18's the way to go i have had 10's 12's 15's and this is my first 18" and its dope i wish i could fit another one in my car i think im just going to go with a 4th order bandpass blow threw into the cars cabin those sound real good
  4. depending on the speed limit.... i have got stupid amouts of tickets in cali and a 90 in a 65 will run fok i got a 92 in a 65 on I5 i rem exactly but less than $600 i would say anywhere from $400 and something to $600 could be much less depending on where you live i got a 85 in a 55 in wyoming/co area and it was cheap like $200 not even but then i got busted in fort collins co for ex of speed and that was like i think like $400 bullshit story on that one cop seen me rip it from a light i was getting them up with a s2000 and then i drove like 4 miles down got gas came like 5 to 6 miles back and then he whooped me for something that happend like 30 min ago i was like this is bullshit that was the ex of speed
  5. if you own a welder and can weld and cut metal.... if you know how to make a paper airplane and it flys when your done i would say your good to go! LMFAO! omg 2 fokn funny
  6. ill be up front i only know alittle so guys dont attack me lol to lay out in the fron you will need to cut out the wheel wells under the hood.....and if your in there cutting them out... you should get dropped control arms to make it lay nice i think and i would cut the firewall out and make it lay on 24's in the front!!! that would be so dope....i like to go big or go home lol so i would pull the cab off and body drop that bitch lol and do a huge notch in the back and also cut out wheel wells in bed and have that bitch layed out body dropped on 24's front and rear that shit would be tits and i would put the gas tank in the bad so you dont drag it lol and me i like it with the steel rear bumper so you can drag the shit out of the rear bumper.....droppin the ass "rear bumper" at like 80mph on the freeway always a good show at night like i said i dont know much but useing good air line and running it like in the frame out of any way it could rub on any thing and cause a hole it key and good valves and a very good compressor i would run nitro and air nitros way faster and good to play with no compressor sounds or run a engine drive compressor those are the best oh and if you wanted they have bolt on c-noches kits too
  7. so i should pick up the stinger batt its yellow and looks just about dead one the size of a full batt
  8. HEY bro.. some one on here told me you have a term lab or something so i can find out where im at right now with my current set up? im in sac and if you have time let me know ill get beer pizza whatever you can email me if you would like to help me out [email protected]
  9. i think my subs cut out once on the way home from work and my doors cut out once too so fok idk and right now its hard wired from zero to the distro to stright 4g to both amp and both amp s have 4g grounds NOW i see a pretty big stinger yellow battery i can pick up for cheap you think it would cause more of an issuse if i picked it up and ran the stinger and the kinetik plus my yellow top under the hood wiuld it be more power or even harder for my car to recharge it would it help if i ran another line of wire stright from alt back to the rear batt or batts?.... help them charge faster..... along with the power wire from the yellow top under the hood so kinda 2 charge lines? or is that no good...with the wire directly from alt to rear batt?
  10. i was only going to use the 2G for the big3 under the hood not run it back just 2g from alt to batt and 2g two grounds on neg batt with the fuse on pos from alt to batt what size mini anl sound i use from the pos alt to pos batt
  11. ok so i did the quick fix and ran a new 4g from distro to amp and new 4g ground and at first my amp didnt turn on i was like wtf...but i popped a fuse replaced it from a 125 mini anl to a 150 mini anl and good to go back to slapin hella hard with no more low voltage cut outs SO I NEED TO CHECK AND SEE THE VOLTAGE OF THE KINETIK SEE WHAT ITS PUTTING OUT THEN WIRE THE KINETIK INTO THE ZERO GAUGE AND I SHOULD BE GOOD TO GO still going to do the BIG3 but my alt is in the worst place it could be period ... its gonna suck but i think im gonna use some 2G that i can get from my work for free most likely to do the big3 the 2g should be better than whatevers on there now so... it should help im going to use a mini anl fuse block on the pos alt to pos batt what size fuse should i use AND THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR YOUR HELP..... i know i can be hard headed but i did listen to everything everybody said once again thanx
  12. i was just thinking on the ride home from work ill just bypass the battery all together and see if it still gets low voltage and if it dosent then i know i have to add the zero to the battery just to make things a little quicker and simple for right now basicly a quick fix if it works oh and i looked to see where the alt is on my car it couldnt be in a worst spot " to do the big3"
  13. thats all i wanna do is find out where im at is that dude on here or is it a shop in sac?
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