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  1. New patch release, not that it matters since no one plays anymore but here ya go. http://www.examiner.com/article/latest-call-of-duty-black-ops-2-patch-notes-1?cid=db_articles
  2. All this story needs is some hookers and blow and you have yourself a GTA video game. On a serious note, I doubt solid details will be presented and the media will take what they can and run with it just to get viewers. The only problem I see is that the eyewitness said the suspect matched the description but everyone knows that you take an eyewitness' description with a grain of salt, and they could only speculate who it was.
  3. LAPD didn't kill the 3 people they shot at. Also, it is unclear who started the fire along with many other details about the incident that we'll never likely know the truth about. But I think most people can agree he wasn't going to come away from this alive.
  4. Now they're saying they were tearing the walls down and as they got closer that's when they heard the single gun shot and the fire erupted. So much confusion down there.
  5. That series is just as bad at the Gran Turismo series with making a game on time. And isn't PS4 reportedly coming out around that time?
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