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  1. But seriously. Dude never did seem...right to me. I've met enough guys like that on the streets and from...let's say past self-employment. Dudes down as fuck to do the dirt til the shit hits the fan and all the sudden he's a fuckin canary singing away... Right on tho Steve, people these days don't seem to follow the same rules I can tell you and I were both raised in. DON'T. FUCKING. SNITCH. I'd rather be respected doing my bid than live in fear as a "free" man.
  2. Just noticed I didn't take one...I'll have to do that soon for ya. Cuz she does have a sexy ass on her...lol VERY impressed by NVX with this sub!
  3. I'll post pics of the sub, sure no problem. I've talked to the Sonic rep about my situation and they're 100% in the loop for my situation. Believe me, if I could have the sub installed and bumping right now, I'd be bumping some tunes right now. Getting my transmission installed and the car running right/safely came first. I didn't plan this to happen like this at all.
  4. I fully intend to follow through, and trust me this thing would've been installed the day it arrived if that was possible! I've messaged the Sonic rep on here and told him my situation so I'm sure we will be alright. Its not like i'm trying to pull something over on them...the damn car isn't drivable.
  5. I got mine! I'm stuck waiting to install it til after my new transmission gets installed. I can't wait to fire it up!
  6. I got my sub but I've gotta deal with getting my car running first before I can start on the system. I gotta say though, this sub is a BEAST! I can't wait to see what it can do! I'm also struggling with a box for it...I can't afford to build test boxes so I really need a definite good design to build.
  7. Get a garage heater! After my dumb ass tried to tint my windows last year in -5 degree polar vortex I decided a heater would help lol. I'll cook something up. Im planning just a regular ported box and then eventually a bandpass? I have a space heater for my garage, but with how its laid out and how old it is, it's really a losing battle trying to warm it up in there. I think I'll do the same as you and go with a regular ported box at first, then once time and funds allow, I'd love to build a 4th order for it and possibly get a second one. I didn't realize at first which sub it was and thought I would need at least a second one since my trunk is so huge on my car, but then I realized its NVX's big boy sub so I think it should get the job done quite nicely. I've always been partial to 12s too. My last setup was six 12in Rockford Fosgate HE2s and I absolutely LOVED that setup! People knew me just from my car/system and still to this day I have people stop me n say "hey aren't you the stereo guy that has that crazy sounding Chevy?" But anyways I'm really excited to get this sub and check it out in person. I don't remember seeing one at Slam this year, but its hard to say because I saw and heard so damn many setups that weekend. For now I'm gonna be running my Fusion 2000.1d which I know isn't a huge powerhouse, but it pushed my Sundown SA15 with authority,and it had enough that my buddy blew the sub by pushing it too hard. I figure it'll get me around 700-800 watts RMS which should be good for now. I'll be going easy on it for awhile until I can get another high output alt and some AGM batteries (my H/O alt ended up destroying itself due to the guy who installed my new motor being an idiot, and thus when it went it took my AGMs out with it) so now I'm running a decent alt on a pretty new stock location battery. Being in college and trying to get my life back together/back on my feet is hard. Winning this sub was a great motivator and morale boost though.
  8. A properly built ported box tuned to 30 would reach 25 with no problem, in my experience. Guys we won a pretty impressive sub from what I've been reading! If any of you come up with a good box design, I could use the help cuz with school I don't really have time to do all the math. I'm gonna start this weekend installing my amps, running my 1/0, etc. Gotta get it done when I get any free time and before it gets cold!
  9. Holy Sh*t! I can't believe I actually won a contest finally! I NEVER win these type of things! BIG BIG THANK YOU to Sonic and SMD/Steve for this awesome contest! I can't wait to get my hands on this baby! I have been trying to get motivation to get my build going and this was the boost I needed! Now I gotta find a good box design for this sub that'll get the best performance out of it. If any of the other winners have box design info, I would greatly appreciate any help I can get! And congrats to the other winners as well! I guess that this will be the reason I post a build log finally. Its gonna be completely different than what I used to have, but life has run me through the ringer the past few years, so really I'm lucky to even have my car still. It'll be a "work with what ya got" build using what gear I've been able to gather while getting back on my feet and going to school. I think I"ll get started this weekend on getting wire ran, and maybe install the amps and some temp subs until I get my new NVX beast!
  10. Quick question - Are you giving away 4 12s to one member? or 1 12 to four members? The way I read it, was that the winner/chosen one would be getting 4 12s. Don't get me wrong, I would be excited as hell to get anything, but the way I read it, was that the winner gets four 12s. Can you clarify this for me please? and thanks again to Steve/SMD and Sonic/NVX for this awesome opportunity!
  11. 1. Benji0687 2. I qualify and agree to the terms as written above 3. I have an 89 Chevy Caprice Classic that's currently being resurrected after years of neglect and abuse, and some theft. I have a JVC Arsenal HU, a set of JL Audio comps in front and Infinity Reference 6x9s in the rear that are gonna be powered by my Pioneer Premier 4ch. The entire trunk has multiple layers of Dynamat Extreme and cans of foam for insulation. I'm currently only running one battery and one run of 1/0 (like I said, I'm forced to start all over after a series of rather bad events). I have a 2k mono sub amp I can use, but I need subs for it first! 4. I have a freelance car audio installation job that I've been doing along with my IT work, and I regularly consult and help people to pick out the components for their cars (and I do the install also). I regularly attend shows both in the area and some of the bigger ones that require some travel. I'm active on SMD, SSA, and several other forums, and also on multiple social media sites and groups on those as well. A lot of people around here tend to look at what I"m running to see what's good and what to get so I would be a great candidate for promoting NVX! Thanks to Steve/SMD and Sonic Electronix/NVX for this opportunity! Hopefully I'll be able to help promote these great companies!
  12. I don't know why this has bothered me so much, but I"m really f**king pissed off about this...I spent a LOT of damn time trying to find the annotations and win this amp, and I get beat by a cheating, low life piece of shit! It should go without saying that you can't cheat on the damn contest! Don't let this baby-dick fag ruin the fun Steve, we all love and GREATLY appreciate the things you do, especially giveaways and contests. Karma will get him, so don't worry Steve...he WILL get his. You're a stand-up guy though for still giving him the amp...cuz I can't say I would do the same. And to you, Mr. Lambert, go eat a bag of dicks you jackass. Yeah you win this time...but best believe, karma WILL get you. And I can only hope we all get to enjoy it when it does!
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