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  1. Took a pic with my phone, came out better than I thought it would. I haven't messed with it in Pshop yet but this is the original (resized,) high res link below. Original Res/pic
  2. Each code gives you double xp time in MW3. The 20oz MTN Dews give you 15mins of double xp per cap.
  3. Woodys GamerTag made a video on the cheapest way to get the most out of this deal (he actually read it on Reddit). If your doing this its worth a watch.
  4. Can a mod please delete this thread.
  5. Is your fridge normally organized? I am amazed at how people can keep a fridge organized with kids...
  6. Pft! Get a lift and park in the river like a boss! Doesn't look deep
  7. lol ... yea I forgot to write it when I took the pic.
  8. Have an android tablet? I might be willing to go this route.
  9. Rockford Fosgate T1500-1bd Rated Power (RMS Continuous Power) 500 Watts x 1 @ 4-Ohms 1000 Watts x 1 @ 2-Ohms 1500 Watts x 1 @ 1-Ohm (Actual rated numbers are on the birth sheet) It has a small scratch on the Heat Sync, Other than that it is a perfectly working amp. I recently smashed my iPhone 4 in my tailgate and I need something to fill the void... I like to make themes for iOS devices in my spare time but without an iDevice I'm screwed and ATT wants an arm, a leg, my right testicle and my firstborn child to replace the phone... they can shove it up there iHole. Im looking for a 1st Generation iPad preferably a 32gb 3g/wifi but if you have a 16gig thatll work. Pics
  10. Just formatting the drive does not delete the information It deletes the "table" if you will, but the actual contents are still there. If you want to delete data you need to write over it. There are MANY freeware tools out there that will LLF a drive. Ultimate Boot CD is a great live cd to get started with and parted magic has some amazing tools but if your super paranoid then feel free to use multiple LLF (Low Level Format) programs and run them a few times each. Once you think you've gotten rid of everything, use some of the tools to recover the drive to see if you really have "deleted" the data. Side Note: Government LLF's write 30+ times a variety of passes of 0s then 1s etc etc to scramble as much data as possible. If your super paranoid you can always build Degaussing coils and go to town with them, then run the platters through an industrial shredder, melt them down etc etc
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