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  1. I'm sure this build is going to totally amazing, because its SMD ! Wouldn't expect anything less But I'm thrown off by a few things, and trying figure it out. 1) Your only going to be giving your 15"s, 1500 wts RMS each ? Aren't you giving the subs in your Tahoe like 5-6 Kwts ? 2) I know those amps are TOP quality, and probably make super clean, efficient power, but it seems odd to me that that they make the 2 x 1500 RMS amplifier (which your using on your subs) and a 4 x 1500 wts RMS that your using for mids / highs, and they have the same footprint ?
  2. Seriously though, even if your not into "this type" of music, I don't think anyone would say that the stuff from "for King and Country" is not mixed and recorded amazingly well ! This stuff makes a well balanced setup sound even better ! Lots of great variable frequency bass too. Crisp mids and highs as well. Excellent for SQL demos For starters, check out, "Never Give Up" and "God Only Knows".... Or, for the deepest bass, I'm still listening to Koan... check out, "Island of the Deceased Ships".
  3. I'm running this one. Love it. 3yr unlimited for only $169 https://www.samsclub.com/p/auto-group-65agm-36-mo-free/prod9070062?xid=plp_product_1 However, IMPO, all batteries are over rated. No matter how you look at it, batteries are just for storage. What's WAY more important, is making plenty of juice to begin with, so you need to store very little. Id rather add another alternator... or six
  4. I'm not sure what the mathematical calculations are, but the literature with my 500 farad bank, says its good for 3500 wts RMS. They do sell higher farad banks.... Or, a person could run multiple banks. My system is about 3200 wts RMS (well, somebody here might tell you my actual wts are like 273 lol, after impedance drop and 17 other things) but I mean, my amps have a birth sheet of like 3200 wts RMS total, and my super cap banks works freaking amazingly well Anyway, just to reiterate, when my system grows, more super cap banks and alternators will be added. Batteries ? Ehhh....
  5. So far as I know, yes. Lithiums are kind of wimpy sometimes though, on how much juice you can shove into them (max charging rate). Something to think about if you have a big, strong aftermarket alternator, or multiple alternators.
  6. Lithiums are just a battery. Granted, they are really good batteries, with a high power to weight ratio, but still they are just a battery. Supercapacitor are "almost" not a battery at all. Mine only holds 8 amp hours. But it can release those amps hundreds of times faster than a lead acid, or AGM battery. And although lithium is faster than these, it's still not even close to a super capacitor. Super capacitors are (generally) not intended to replace batteries, but rather, to work in conjunction with them, each covering the others weaknesses.
  7. It's on the bottom right. Tucks in perfectly. Can't go anywhere. I don't think it would move in a freaking rollover !
  8. Nothing like being 3 months late for the response lol I forgot I had asked this, and actually found this thread doing a random internet search, as I was still wondering the same thing Anyway, thanks guys. I hate sealed enclosures. Built about 4 of them and they all sucked. I will look into 4th orders for a wide bandwidth.
  9. Obviously I'm not talking about the number on the screen, as that's just a number. It happens to go to 40. But if you had to take a wild guess (it would be awesome if someone actually knew) how high do you think this HU will play, without any distortion at all ? 35 ? 37 ? One of these days I'm going to find someone with a DD1, that can set all my gains spot on.... Maybe at the same time I can get my DSP dialed in..... But in the mean time, what would you assume the max clean volume of my HU would be ? I probably have my mono amp gain set a little high, as I can only pla
  10. I mean as in, the sub(s) play into the car, but are open on the backside to the entire universe ??? I'd LOVE to get a demo in such a vehicle. I have read that these setups are incredibly efficient, extremely flat (with proper tuning), and can play down to as low as one can imagine..... Like 5 or 8 hz, and move tremendous air doing it ! Check out some of the vids by Pssound, over in the UK. This guys won all kinds of awards for his IB setups. I think he is currently working on a setup with two 24" Stereo Integrity IB subs. They move ridiculous air with a max wattage of only 1500 e
  11. Nobody ? I don't know about you guys, but one of the most important things I look for when buying a new subwoofer is, how much air it will move ? And I've really been onto a "single sub" kick, ever since I started running my single 18" Skar 8 months ago. It does pretty well, but surely their are bigger, badder subs, that move more air, with much greater force Continuing my One man thread lol I took a few minutes to do the calculations, and as it turns out, the Stereo Integrity 24" IB actually moves more air, because of the 24" cone, in spite of the fact it has a
  12. Sorry I can't help with those.... But as a matter of fact, I need some retaining clips for my 08' Ford F150, and I can't even buy them from the First dealer ? Like seriously, WTF ! I figure they could make them for .02 cents and sell them for a buck... But no, they can't even get them, and they built the ef'ng truck ? Urgggg....
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