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  1. Excellent. I will totally look into this TY. PS, My Wolfram 2400.1 pumps the shit out my Skar 18" ZVX
  2. Okay. I guess that's possible. I know of at least a couple different amplifier companies that use boards from both china and korea. And I think it would be likely that the boards made on the highest numbers (1500-2500 at models) would be made in china, whereas the boards made on much smaller numbers might be made in korea. Sounds logical.
  3. I mean, an aftermarket, fixed voltage model of course. Well actually, I even saw one that had an adjustable voltage. Wish I could keep mine pegged at 14.5 ALL the freaking time, hot or cold. Is their anything wrong (risky) with this ? Oh, my truck is an 08' F150.... Tons of them on the road. Looked like regulators are pretty easy to find for it...
  4. And it did everything I hoped it would ! I can litterally pound my system full tilt for 20+ minutes, and it will not drop more than .2 tenths, and even then, between loud bass passages, or between sings, it will jump right back up those .1 or .2 tenths Now granted, on a hot day, my truck might only charge to 14.2... or even 13.9, with or without the stereo playing. Just saying, my 3Kwt system is hardly having zero effect on my voltage now. Oh, and my dynamic range was greatly increased too, especially noticeable with kick drums. Even just dB's in general seem like they gained
  5. Congratulations ! You have beaten the laws of physics ! Lol Sorry, I just had to say that. I can't explain that myself. I've tried about 5 sealed boxes in my life and every one of them sucked. None were loud enough. Always preferred ported over sealed for this reason.
  6. Why do I see several amplifier companies selling a 2500 wt amplifier, for $300-400,, then the same company sells a 4500 wt amp for $899 ? Shouldn't the $ per watt go down ? I mean, wtf.... Most amps can be strapped. So why would I pay $900 for a 4500 wt amp, when I could get two 2500 wt amps for $700-800, and strap them for 5000 wts, and get more watts, for fewer $ ? And btw, I've seen this same situation with at least 3 different amp companies....
  7. So I installed my DSP a few months ago, and dialed it in as best as possible by ear, as well as a a little mic connected to my phone (I'm sure not the best way to do it) and it sounds pretty good, but I'm sure I still have some peaks and valleys. It's especially noticeable when a bass note does like a sweeping drop. You can hear it kind of get louder and quieter as it drops through the frequencies. I just wish I could find someone locally (Sacramento) to hook up a mic and a laptop to run with my setup, and get it dialed in. Also, to set all of my gains properly. I'm sure some improv
  8. Screw batteries. Get another Mechman 370 Make enough juice right from the get, that you don't need to store shit ! Batteries are for pussies lol
  9. Bro, that car is sick Always loved those, and of course the Scion version too. Install looks great. Id be really happy with that too I bet you pamper that thing, and rub it and pat it before you put it to bed lol
  10. I mean, I think a guy needs to be at least a little bit concerned, or else he's going to be without a system, more than with one ! I'd call that a "healthy paranoia" I'll be honest, while its fun to beat that shit within an inch of its life, I can actually relax and enjoy the music a lot more, when my GF is with me, and I'm only able to play it at like 50%... Your thoughts ?
  11. That's pretty much it.... Your opinion on what is best for like 18-80 hz, and relatively flat.
  12. Nice I think you will see that even with the guys that don't like Skar, will tell you the products are good, they just got into shit with the employees.... which even on that note, the few Skar guys I've talked to were really cool with me.
  13. Your port area is not near enough. Should be around 30-33''ish... I do have one strong suggestion though. IF you have a nice table saw and wood cutting skills, that's great. Cut it yourself. Otherwise, just find a specialty hard wood store (NOT a Home Depot or Lowes) bring them a cut sheet and have them cut it for you. They always carry MDF though. Their specialty woods are expensive, and sometimes quite hard. So they are used to dealing with picky customers, and keep their blades like a razor A box for a 12" sub, the wood + cutting, might be like $50 or $60. Stop by Home Depot on
  14. A DSP can be had for really cheap. The one in my truck is a Dayton 408, which only cost $150, and it does SO much. But just a fair warning: Hooking up a DSP is really easy. Dialing one in to get the full benefits from it can be very difficult and time consuming. If you don't know what your doing, it can get worse, before it gets better. Honestly, using a factory head unit, you might almost "have to have a DSP" as that unit will likely start cutting out your bass at anything over a very low volume level. They do this, as the factory speakers are not designed to put out a lot of bass
  15. Hey Backwoods, of course we are pretty much on the same page But I might say, Big 3, then add another alternator... Then add another alternator... Then add another alternator, etc, etc, lol Wait, at some point, maybe add a bank (or 3) of super capacitors ? Who needs batteries ? Just make enough juice right from the get go, that you don't need to store shit ! Batteries are for pussies lol
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