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  1. Thank you Reedal. I will look for Tony D's video on tuning now... Yea, I actually would like it to be tested on the SMD IM-SG, to be sure, as, if I'm going to go through the trouble of opening my box up and adjusting it, I need to be absolutely sure of "where its at", so I can decide what direction I need to go with it. Does anybody have one in Sacramento ? I mean, besides Steve lol .... I know he's like completely overloaded busy... Edit; Cant seem to find that vid ?
  2. Hey Chris, I've never used a DSP before, but in this case, I really didn't want to cut and hack into the wires in a brand new car, plus I wanted to retain the use of all of my steering wheel controls, and also, to keep everything looking completely factory. And let me just say this > The system sounds freaking great ! ....right up until I start getting that hideous popping in my coaxials At a few point throughout all of my adjusting, I have gotten it to play fairly loud without popping, but right now, I've made it worse, so that even lower volumes make it pop. And here's the crazy thing, yes, maybe there is some goofy thing with the DSP that is allowing some bass to get by.... but at the amplifier after that, I have used the X-over, and cranked the high pass all the way up to like 2000hz just as a test. It got way quieter, and sqawkie... obviously crossed over at 2000hz and up.... and it ef'ing STILL started popping like bass was getting through ?!?! WTF ? Oh and BTW, I actually called and talked for about 20 minutes with the manufactures of the DSP, and yes (as you mentioned above Chris) it is normal for the stereo channels to affect the sub channel, to some degree... (weird, but whatever) but even so, "after" the DSP, is my amp, and nme would think that no matter what was going on with the DSP, I could still use the X-over to filter out any unwanted bass to my coaxials ? I mean, if I have to, maybe Ill consider some kind of inline bass blockers or something, but this just seems pretty dumb, and shouldn't be required ?
  3. Almost forgot I had posted this.... So, first off, I figured Id replace the mids/highs at some point, because I could do that at any point, easy enough by myself. But I decided to go on and replace those with the original setup, and only spent $120 for four Kicker coaxials. Should help a lot, huh ? Ron, and White lightening, I totally doubt that the 5ch Kicker amp I chose, is going to have any major effect on my mileage. I'm guessing, maybe -2mpg.... and I already raised my mileage from 54 mpg, to 56 mpg, simply by raising my tire pressure from 30 to 40 lbs. (tires have a max of 44) So basically, my system is going to be composed of, the stock head unit. An Axxess Digital Sound Processor, a Kicker 5ch, 4x 50RMS, and 1 x 400 RMS (actually about 460) to 4 Kicker coaxials, and a single Sundown Audio 8" in a custom built enclosure of exactly .75 cubes, and tuned to 35hz. Wont get the DSP for about another week, so Im hoping to have everything installed, up and running in maybe 2 weeks. Will post the results. Hopefully all good, but if I have and issues, I'll be back for advice PS, btw Ron, I didn't get a Prius to save the planet, I got it to save my bank account lol I used to go through "more than" a full tank a day in my Hyundai Accent. Now I can go a whole, busy long shift, and still not go through a whole tank ! Freaking 500 mile range, on a 10 gal tank ! LOVE it Oh, and I haven't put gas in it for a couple days now... but fixing to do a little round trip from Sac to Chico and back. No problem
  4. Thank you, but I definitely want to go with a single 5ch amp, for space and simplicity.
  5. Ya' know, to be honest, I hadn't really even thought of that. I'm sure that would work, but Id kind of like to have a little more clean power to all 4 corners as well, as like I had said, Id probably eventually (have to) change the mids/highs anyway lol I will say though, the sound system in this 2019 car sounds "better" (although not very loud, and very little bass) than any stock system I've ever had in a new car. I'm really feeling like, with a little power, and a nice little sub to fill in the deep end, people might be surprised that this was all that I had BTW, I'm thinking of using a CT8" for my sub.
  6. So I just bought a car which, although it doesn't make me feel cool.... It sure makes me feel "smart" lol A Prius LE, which so far is giving me an average MPG of 54. I'd like to improve my sound as much as possible, for the fewest $ spent, and I want to keep it as simple as possible as well. I'm thinking about a modest 5ch amp. Something like 60wt x 4, and 300wt x 1, to run a single 8" sub. Definitely want to stay with the factory head unit for now. If it were you, what amp would you go with ? And where would be a good choice (In Sacramento) to put this together ? I'm thinking like $300 for the amp.... $200 for a nice little 8" sub (I might build the enclosure) Would probably stick with the factory mids/ highs... until I blew them lol... and I could replace those myself. Its just the wiring I would not want to deal with. Do you think $1000 might get me somewhere ?
  7. Nobody ? I'm telling you, this would be "the easiest" mask and spray job one has ever done.... I mean, I'm fixing to just try it myself. I just figured if somebody already had a spray gun, a dust free place to shoot, and a little bit of experience, they could knock this out in a quick minute, and make a little chunk of change... (we could discuss that) .....and what the hey, it's plasti dip. If it screws up, we can peel it off, and try again...
  8. I'm looking for someone with a little bit of Plasti Dip experience, a sprayer, and a booth. The job I have should be SUPER easy, as far as plasti dip jobs go. I just want to do the roof, of a 2019 Prius LE, in Pearl white. So its like a flat horizontal 3ft x 5ft square. From what I read, I could probably do it myself (not much risk, besides wasting materials, as if I screw it up, I can just peel it off ).... But if somebody already has access to a booth, and sprayer, they could probably do this in no time. Anybody ?
  9. First off, your Super Duty is Ef'ing sick ! I am so freaking envious ! But hey, you really need to check this stuff out, and I'm not sponsored by Meguairs either, I just love this stuff So here's the deal, this stuff is water based... smells like some kind of fruity candy or something lol Not terrible for the environment. Plus Its actually a concentrate, and can be mixed anywhere from 1:1 to 1:4... The former being really glossy like wet paint, and the latter just being a nice deep satin black. I mix mine at about 2:1. It dries quickly and completely in our Sacramento sun, and wont sling off at all, after 15 or 20 minutes..... Super important when you have a shiny black (or dark colored) truck like we do ! Also, it great for any kind of interior vinyl or plastic too, plus again, it smells very fruity, so that's cool for interiors. I love that I can easily drench my BF Goodrich All Terrains, to get into all of the treads and gaps around the sidewall, then don't have to worry about getting it all back out of the corners and crevices, for fear of it slinging off. About the only catch with this stuff, is that since its intended for professional shop use, you can't buy it in less than 1 gallon jugs.... which again, mixes to 2 to 5 gallons of product ! Great to have a good supply of it around though, especially when you have BIG fat tires like you (we) do ! I was looking at your tires and thinking, it might cost you about a full $7 bottle of the crap you might get at Oreiley's to do your tires "once" ! This stuff probably works out to about $1 ....and more importantly, its so much better in every regard. This stuff is Fire ! Steve, you need to make those big bad ass tires jump out and smack people lol https://www.amazon.com/Meguiars-D17001-Hyper-Dressing-Gallon/dp/B0006SH4PA/ref=asc_df_B0006SH4PA/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312279483767&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=12679577915366774587&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9032536&hvtargid=aud-801381245258:pla-546463531087&psc=1 PS, One more thing... "Even if" you don't like the looks of glossy black, wet looking tires, again, this stuff can be diluted way down... But ya' know how tires will start to look brown, from oxidation and road dirt ? Well this will totally turn them black again, even when diluted way down Honestly, if you have "tires", you need this stuff
  10. A while back I had stumbled across a really strong 5ch amp, but later, couldn't remember where I found it, or what brand it was to go look it up again ? (short term memory loss, what was I smoking ? lol) Anyway, I stumbled across it again, and this time I bookmarked it. I've just been really interested in a sufficient 5ch to run front/rear mids/highs, and a single 10" or a couple 8"s, in my daily driver, for space, cost, ease of installation, etc. for a long time. So this was it; http://ddaudio.com/products/amplifiers/d-series/d5-1500/ Id probably run it at 4 X 125 @4ohms and 1 x 1500 @1ohm. Next problem would be, where to buy the dam thing ? Apparently its really tough to buy it from anywhere other than an authorized dealer $$$$$$$$ {edit; well not too crazy... $429, Arden Audio in Sac} Anyway, what do ya'll think about this amp ? On a separate, but related note, I just got my old RF Power 1000 25 to Life 5ch amp back from the shop (shout out to Desert Audio in Phoenix Arizona, Evans took great care of me !) And after reinstalling it, and tweaking on X-over points, gains, and deck settings, my system has never sounded so good Whoo Hoo LOVE that old amp ! Would like to step up to multiple, and LARGER amps in my truck... but the Power 1000 25 to Life is just such a big beast, it really wouldn't work very well in my current, or future little car, where the whole idea of a 5ch would be to keep it compact... and its sad to think of it being shoved into a closet.
  11. Hey JoeX, well I think I might consider the 10"s... Do they have different models ? The higher power ones of course... Ckeeler, well if they are exaggerating, and they can actually only dig down to 50 or 55hz, that would be "really" bad ! MrSkippy, exactly ! That has been my experience 100%
  12. Hey Joe, yea, I get that. I'm just surprised they don't exaggerate it a little Hey Ron, I've ran every size subs from 7" to 18"s.... but I'm leaning towards 10" for SQL nowadays. I know there is some truth to big subs, for low bass... especially loud, low bass... But then I see vids of guys running little pro series 8" subs, and getting really low too. Right now, if I could just dump a bunch of $$$, it would be on four strong 10"s, in a custom tuned box, with some really strong power. BTW, I'm coming from two 15"s in a custom box, but currently running two 10"s (in kind of a custom box, their's a whole story to that) and they are the best sounding subs I've ever had....and get just as low as my 15"s did, albeit, they dont play low bass, as loud as my 15"s did...
  13. So I have considered Skar subs for a future build, and they seem like a lot of bang for the buck. Also, last week I ran into a guy running two 12" Skar subs on only about 1000wts, and they sounded pretty darn deep and clean to me. But reading over the specs, I was quite surprised, and a little bit bummed, that the frequency response was listed at only down to 40 hz - (don't remember the upper end, but not that important to me anyway, as I'd probably cut them off at about 90hz anyway. Really happy with my little 10" NVX subs so far, which have a frequency response of 20-200hz. Of course I know these are just numbers, and can totally vary in the real world.... But what do you guys know about Skar subs and low bass ?
  14. Hey Ky, you and I both ! That has been such an awesome amp ! And it works with my system so well. I use ALL of the bells and whistles. Been beating on it for over 10 years, and finally it starting to blink on me... I also always loved the digital output meters, which I could easily glance over my shoulder to see while driving, so I didn't clip it too hard, without knowing about it. Maybe another reason it has lasted so long.
  15. Hey ToNasty, Well, that was not the amp, however, that does look very promising ! How much are you getting that for ? BTW, I tried to look up the specs on that amp, and it was kind of confusing ? They dont show any ratings at 1 ohm, and the 2 ohm ratings show both 600wt, and 1200wt but nothing that said 1000 ? Hmmm... https://www.audiotec-fischer.de/en/helix/amplifiers/g-five
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