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  1. A while back I had stumbled across a really strong 5ch amp, but later, couldn't remember where I found it, or what brand it was to go look it up again ? (short term memory loss, what was I smoking ? lol) Anyway, I stumbled across it again, and this time I bookmarked it. I've just been really interested in a sufficient 5ch to run front/rear mids/highs, and a single 10" or a couple 8"s, in my daily driver, for space, cost, ease of installation, etc. for a long time. So this was it; http://ddaudio.com/products/amplifiers/d-series/d5-1500/ Id probably run it at 4 X 125 @4ohms and 1 x 1500 @1ohm. Next problem would be, where to buy the dam thing ? Apparently its really tough to buy it from anywhere other than an authorized dealer $$$$$$$$ {edit; well not too crazy... $429, Arden Audio in Sac} Anyway, what do ya'll think about this amp ? On a separate, but related note, I just got my old RF Power 1000 25 to Life 5ch amp back from the shop (shout out to Desert Audio in Phoenix Arizona, Evans took great care of me !) And after reinstalling it, and tweaking on X-over points, gains, and deck settings, my system has never sounded so good Whoo Hoo LOVE that old amp ! Would like to step up to multiple, and LARGER amps in my truck... but the Power 1000 25 to Life is just such a big beast, it really wouldn't work very well in my current, or future little car, where the whole idea of a 5ch would be to keep it compact... and its sad to think of it being shoved into a closet.
  2. Hey JoeX, well I think I might consider the 10"s... Do they have different models ? The higher power ones of course... Ckeeler, well if they are exaggerating, and they can actually only dig down to 50 or 55hz, that would be "really" bad ! MrSkippy, exactly ! That has been my experience 100%
  3. Hey Joe, yea, I get that. I'm just surprised they don't exaggerate it a little Hey Ron, I've ran every size subs from 7" to 18"s.... but I'm leaning towards 10" for SQL nowadays. I know there is some truth to big subs, for low bass... especially loud, low bass... But then I see vids of guys running little pro series 8" subs, and getting really low too. Right now, if I could just dump a bunch of $$$, it would be on four strong 10"s, in a custom tuned box, with some really strong power. BTW, I'm coming from two 15"s in a custom box, but currently running two 10"s (in kind of a custom box, their's a whole story to that) and they are the best sounding subs I've ever had....and get just as low as my 15"s did, albeit, they dont play low bass, as loud as my 15"s did...
  4. So I have considered Skar subs for a future build, and they seem like a lot of bang for the buck. Also, last week I ran into a guy running two 12" Skar subs on only about 1000wts, and they sounded pretty darn deep and clean to me. But reading over the specs, I was quite surprised, and a little bit bummed, that the frequency response was listed at only down to 40 hz - (don't remember the upper end, but not that important to me anyway, as I'd probably cut them off at about 90hz anyway. Really happy with my little 10" NVX subs so far, which have a frequency response of 20-200hz. Of course I know these are just numbers, and can totally vary in the real world.... But what do you guys know about Skar subs and low bass ?
  5. Hey Ky, you and I both ! That has been such an awesome amp ! And it works with my system so well. I use ALL of the bells and whistles. Been beating on it for over 10 years, and finally it starting to blink on me... I also always loved the digital output meters, which I could easily glance over my shoulder to see while driving, so I didn't clip it too hard, without knowing about it. Maybe another reason it has lasted so long.
  6. Hey ToNasty, Well, that was not the amp, however, that does look very promising ! How much are you getting that for ? BTW, I tried to look up the specs on that amp, and it was kind of confusing ? They dont show any ratings at 1 ohm, and the 2 ohm ratings show both 600wt, and 1200wt but nothing that said 1000 ? Hmmm... https://www.audiotec-fischer.de/en/helix/amplifiers/g-five
  7. ToNasty, yes, I believe so. I guess most mids and high channels are rated at 2ohms... Kyblack, thank you Yea, my 10 year old system in my truck just keeps going and going. I did replace my 15's with a pair of 10's last year, and while not quite as loud, the SQ difference was incredible. Finally my old RF 25 to life started cutting out with the yellow safety light coming on (an internal short or something ?) and so Im hoping they can fix that.
  8. Many times in the past I've tried to find a 5ch amp that could outperform my old RF Power 1000 25 to Life 5ch amp, but had never been able to find one (note; If I ever rebuild a whole new system for my truck, or future vehicles, it will surely include at least two amps, a strong monoblock, and a strong 4ch) However, if I should need to replace my RF 25 to Life {its out for repairs right now... first time in 10 years ! crossing my fingers} OR, if I should build a compact system for my little car, or future cars, I would really like a very strong 5ch amp. So yesterday, while surfing around, I stumbled across a very promising 5ch amp... but can't remember the freaking brand I do remember it was like a true 1800wt RMS amp though... 4 x 200, + 1 X 1000 wt @1ohm, and the price was $649.... and it was a solid name that I hear in comps all the time... Urggg... Sucks to be old and senile lol
  9. Thanks guys. Yea', photography is SOOO much like fishing.... If you spend enough time on the water, you will catch some good fish.... And if you spend enough time with a camera in your hand, you will catch some good shots Oh, here's a few more of my best Western Bluebird shots, from yesterday.... Look ! I can levitate without using my wings ! Wings are so oldschool LOL Peace, Fish
  10. Yours too That's one fine a$$ white girl (always exceptions, you know Peace, Fish
  11. from the last few days, which you might like... I know I could take some fantastic lightening shots > if we had lightening storms a little more often. Unfortunately, up here in Nor Cal, lghtening storms are pretty rare.... I think this one is decent though... My current desktop Of course he's thinking, "Freaking a$$ hole... making me fly off" That look says it all, right ? Peace, Fish
  12. I dunno'.... Say the person is 80 yo, and for the last 60 years, the only thing they ever saw that was this bright orange, was emergency flags, cones, etc.... Then, you end up "in their face" without them seeing you coming... surprise ! I could see them just laying on the brakes I mean, it might be kind of funny if nobody got hurt, but I'm just saying... Fish PS, Oh, and yes totally > because people are fucking stupid I thought that went without saying LOL Because people are fucking stupid.
  13. kind of funny too, as I was driving pretty crazy, to get to work on time, and right as I flew into the parking lot, my cell phone rings, I pick it up as I'm coming to a fast stop, and the guy says, this is Officer ####### with the Fairfield PD...... For just a second I was thinking, WTF ??? Oh yea', I tried to call them a couple days ago, with a question about super bright or chrome finishes on cars... But had to leave a message... of course, right ? So anyway, the answer was, "No" Their are currently no regulations restricting any paint or auto finishes > except that a car cannot be made to look like a police car (blk w wht doors). I even told him I could see how a neon colored car could distract somebody to the point of an accident. He said, he could see that too, but "no". You would not be sited for a crazy bright, or chrome finish on your car. Granted, if your car has "any other little thing illegal about it" it will be the one to stick out like a sore thumb.... So talking to the freaking cop, I was still late for work Peace, Fish
  14. Leo, that's certainly true. And whern you consider that I drive "very" agressively as it is (for a living) that's kind of scary.... But then again, my driving is WAY different than most. While I take off quick.. stop quick.. corner hard, etc, etc, I also barely go over the speed limit... always use my turn signals, come to complete stops, don't brake traction with my tires.... Or, in other words, I push everything right to the limit, and draw all kinds of attention doing it > but then I stop just short of most things that might get me a ticket Put it this way, I drive 50K mile a year.... 30 of it for work, and yet my driving record is "perfectly clean" ! Peace, Fish
  15. I guess I sould ask again..... WTF ??? I guess of all the commonly used "warning" or safety colors, blazer orange is right at the top. Spot on to a safety cone ! None the less, after reading about this, I'd certainly check into the local laws and regs before I shot it blaze orange. Kinda' sucks. This would be one of my top picks too. Fish
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