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  1. And not just one of them, but a whole freaking fleet ! And who puts unprotected speakers on the front of a vehicle that's going to travel down the freeway at 70 mph ? I guess they don't have the bugs we do here in the Sacramento Valley ! Anyway, I could here and bash the shit out of these things, talking about how they seem to be a ridiculous waste of a TON of money..... But what do I know ? Maybe somehow they are recouping that money and then some ? So what are these things used for anyway ??? Oh, and I guess in other countries, a cop car with the lights and siren on, mean absolutely nothing..... Just keep driving, and pretend like you didn't even notice him lol Kept waiting for someone to blast into one of those buses. How would you like that on your insurance ? "Well, I kind of bumped into a vehicle... caused $3 million in damages" ! lol
  2. So ordinarily, this is not an issue... Thanks guys.
  3. Tell you what, I go to South Lake Tahoe all the time. Maybe I could meet you in person some time, and we can see then if you still feel the same Peace. BTW, I don't mean that to sound confrontational. Maybe we could trade stereo demo's... although I'd likely be in my car, and that system definitely leans towards SQ. The truck system ins my SQL setup, but I'm usually in S. Tahoe with my car.
  4. Well IMPO, I think a 370 or 390 amp alternator will be great. But Id think 150 amp hours would be kind of a little light for 8500 watts, just going by what I've read lately. Id probably want more. If it were me, I'd spend like $300 to $350 for "two" AGM batts (or $500 on 3 of them) with a total of maybe 175-300 amp hours. But then again, I'm not sure if you have the space to squeeze in another battery or two ?
  5. Why ? Because first they say this; "Small adjustments may be required for this battery to fit into your vehicle." Then they say this: "Disclaimer: XS Power is not responsible for incorrect vehicle fitment." Okay, so make one that fits perfectly, no adaptions needed. Especially considering this is "the most common vehicle" (and that includes cars and trucks) on the road today ! I get that it might not be feasible to make a specific battery for every different vehicle on the road. However, at least start with the most popular vehicles, and then have adaptions for the less common vehicles. This would be the most logical thing to do. {sorry, I'm not trying to make this bold... it wont let undo that ?)
  6. I drive one of the most popular, common vehicles on the freaking road... a freaking Ford F150 ! You have heard of those, right ? And then I just saw this > https://4xspower.com/bci_group/59/ Seriously ? Id figure that when XS Power first started as a company, making a battery for my truck would be one of the first 4 or 5 batteries they produced. And the real sticker, is when they say, "The option below is powerful enough".... Powerful enough for who ? For what ? That reminds me of when a speaker company says, this sub "can work in as little as X cubic feet"..... I don't give a shit "what it can work in", What does it work best in ! Powerful enough ? No ! Tell me, "This battery was designed to be the most powerful battery that will fit perfectly in your truck" ! Honestly, I was on the fence between an XS and a much cheaper Duracel AGM, but I think now I've decided. They make one to fit my truck perfectly.
  7. Does that amp have a subsonic filter, and are you using it ???
  8. Do you mean, "Google to find the specs on a particular subwoofer" ? I have in the past, but that was not the point of this particular post. I meant, why companies in general, don't post all the specs ? I swear almost none, list "all" of the specs which could be inputted in WinIsd Pro ? Heck, I don't even know why some of those boxes are provided in WinIsd ? Several of these I have never seen listed for any freaking sub !?
  9. I keep seeing videos where guys are setting up their sub/amp combos, to be seeing .5 and even .4 ohm loads ! That seems just crazy. But then they will say they are making #### watts.... and it is usually what the amp is rated for at 1 ohm ? If their wattage is not increasing dramatically by dropping the resistance from 1 ohm, to .5 or .4 ohms, whats the point of even setting it up that way in the first place ? Here's an example... this guy says he is making 12K watts... But then he says he is making a .4 ohm load ? Why ?
  10. I don't remember the brand, but it is VERY slow to change readings. It never flickers or jumps up and down due to any strong bass hits. That's another reason why I think I could be having short duration voltage drops, for bass spikes and such, in spite of the fact that my overall voltage is staying up so well, with a stock alternator, and cheap crappy battery.
  11. Wait.... you have rear seats in a truck ? What the heck are those for ? I never have a problem with seating in my truck... Mine is always on the front left lol Okay, just messing with you. Personally speaking, if I had to keep the rear seats in my truck (I ripped mine completely out, two weeks after buying my truck brand new, 12 years ago, and never looked back) Id look into one of those pre-built underseat boxes like SMD has.... with a few 8"s or four 6 1/2"s.... I know those things can slam. Other than that, you are not going to be able to do much, as long as you have those seats in your way. Do you have a bedcover ? You could always have your subs in the bed... as many, and as big as you want, and the sound coming though to the cab, but that requires a little hacking on the back of your cab, and front of your bed. I've done that, with an old Chevy S-10, and it worked great !
  12. Okay, I'll admit, I was a little bummed to learn the stuff I did about lead acid batteries... (mostly, that I cant use them in non-ventilated areas). So, I guess I will go with AGM's. Please compare one of these batteries: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_122D3400/XS-Power-D3400.html?awcp=&awcr=317533706116&awdv=c&awkw=xs+power+d3400&awmt=p&awnw=g&awug=9032536&gclid=Cj0KCQiAv8PyBRDMARIsAFo4wK03iFyqJ7pknaUtQGqeSp5WscJ7qi5xb5C0INeJwAz153cKqnXSsZgaArwvEALw_wcB With two of these. {almost straight across in price} https://www.samsclub.com/p/auto-group-65agm-36-mo-free/prod9070062?xid=plp_product_1_1 What I can see, is that one of the Xs batts above, will give 1000cca, while two of the Duracells will give 1700cca But I know there are other important factors to consider. Which do you think is a better value ? And btw, for my purposes, space, and weight are not really a big deal. I have the worlds largest trunk... a 6 1/2ft bed, with locking, alarmed, fiberglass bed cover Oh also, lets not worry about the "coolness factor". I doubt I'll, really be opening my bed cover too often to show off my batts. Plus I will probably mount them in such a way, that you can't see the labels anyway lol
  13. Wow ! Glad I'm reading this now. I was totally planning on a good, strong AGM for my truck, and another AGM + a lithium in the back, for the stereo. I guess I might have to rethink this....
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