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  1. 3200rms for $220 bucks

    You're right, the older model seems to be miles better then the newer one. It does have a fair amount of positive reviews. A few of the reviews are stating the older model is capable of running .5ohms. I'm curious as too how much it is putting out at .5 and what the current pull is when running that low. I wouldn't mind picking up the amp to get some hands on with it and put out a decent review since it does bring some attention due to its price per watt. But there is just too many negatives behind the new GLA1. I know sonix has a pretty decent return/exchange policy. I just wouldn't want to roll the dice on powering up the amp and smoking it due to the unknown build quality. Edit for your edit: (lol) ya the sonix sale isn't a true cyber monday sale. A lot of the prices are the same as they were before the sale. I was looking at picking up a alarm for my car through them and it is on their so called "cyber monday sale" but it is exactly the same price as it was a week ago lol
  2. 3200rms for $220 bucks

    It´s 150 amp fusing that´s around 1500 watt´s RMS. Have more trustage to these offers http://www.ebay.com/...=item416c31d452 http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1438.l2649 Ya there seems to be a fair amount of negatives building up behind this amp. Thanks "watch the bass" I completely forgot about the zrx line. I remember a few people that ran them and they were pretty happy. That will fit the bill for my thrown together daily.
  3. 3200rms for $220 bucks

    I was browsing sonix's cyber Monday deals and came across this amp. Highly doubtful if it even puts out close to 3200rms since it only has 150amp worth of fuses, and a single 4awg power input. It would be a pretty decent deal if it did close to 2krms (big maybe). My question is has anyone had any experience with this amp, or brand. I've been looking online for some reviews and nothing has come up. i'm looking for 1600rms+ amp just to mess around with and figured this would be o.k for the price. it would be even better if I could get some insight from someone that has had some hands on with it. It will be powering 2x 15" l7 RMS Power Rating: 4 ohms: 1700 watts x 1 chan. 2 ohms: 2500 watts x 1 chan. 1 ohm: 3200 watts x 1 chan. http://www.sonicelec...GLA1-6000D.html
  4. I have to go old school and go with Alma Gate's beast. You can see the hair trick at the 1:08 mark.
  5. KONY 2012

    LMFAO! The cause is good, but we're spread thin as it is. They have a army, and police that are more familiar with the area then our troops. So they need to step up and handle their own shit. They sure as shit wouldn't come over here and help us out If something like that were happening over here.
  6. Was there any definitive winner between Trippi v.s BFE
  7. Any updates or vids of the event?
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing this beast being unleashed when you get that 3rd alt in (and you better get it in hahaha)!
  9. Are you a fan of HellaFlush?

    I would like to know the answers to these questions too. Mainly, what is the point of stretching a tire onto a rim that is 2" wider then the tire.
  10. This has to be one of the best example of how a new person should come in and ask for advice. It was such a good example it pulled me out of lurking, and I've been lurking for the past year or so. ok thank you, yeah thats what its coming down too for the brand lol, they all seem really good in there own way. that helps my decision making though, two 15"s will leave me with plenty of room for a box and plenty of money per sub.500$ per sub since you are only running 2, will get you 2 bad ass subs, so1000$ in subs1500~ in electrical700-1000 in the ampand 200-300 in materialscomes out to 3800~ and the only reason i said 1500 in electrical is because upgraded alts are generally around 500~and then 1000$ worth of batts building materials dont really cost alot, so its prob around 100$ in reality, i just gave some extra spending room incase you need itkeep in mind, you dont have to follow this guideline, you can always go cheaper, but dont skimp out on electrical of all things ^^This is a really great starting point^^ And like he said, he's high balling everything. The only thing I would swap is more ALT's in place of batteries. IMO 1x300amp will easily take the place of 2x batteries. So if cabin space is going to be a issue I would go with more alts, instead of filling your back cargo bay with batteries. This will also allow for more space for your box. Like i said in the post above, alt's over batts all day in my book. The best purchase I have ever made for my electrical setup was my 300amp alt. It carried me through my small 2kwrms system, to my 4kwrms+ system. It was the single thing in my electrical that was with me through out all my builds, and all my cars. Some people will argue otherwise. But once again go with more alts if you don't want to stuff your cargo bay with 80+ pound batteries. And for 5kwrms I would go with a 300amp alt and a 250-amp with a high idle output. The 1batt up front and 2batts in the back.
  11. This is a amazing build. I've been looking for K5's for a while to do something big in. And this is going to raise the bar for me. You wouldn't happen to have any shots of the engine bay?
  12. Got it about 6 months ago. The script says, "May god have mercy on my enemies, because I won't"
  13. almost all of the speed monsters in this song. tech ripped it pretty fast to.
  14. I just hope I didn't give any damaging information. Also since you have a honda, you should be a member of honda-tech.com A great place for trouble shooting issues for hondas. I also apologies if that is not allowed, linking you to another forum. But I know that place has helped me so much with my crx, and I hope it helps you too.
  15. LOL! I can't stand the cold. And I live in CA where my definition of cold is 60degrees. I feel for you. The ignition coil is also a common problem in honda's along with the main relay. They can also be had for fairly cheap. I hope that's all it takes to fix your ride.