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  1. i know this was awhile ago, but when you built your integra how did you bypass the ELD in the fuse box to run the high output alternator. I'm having trouble with it and don't want to burn anything up.

  2. Hey man, I commented on Steves video a few months ago about having an RSX and wanting to do something similar to what you have done, and I've got everything except amps, which should be in within the next few days. It's coming down to designing the box and was wondering if you would still like to help and maybe give a few tips/pointers for what kind of boxes and sub/port locations you have found to work out best since the two cars are basically the same and not alot of people have don...

  3. After an intense investigation. Paypal ruled in my favor and I was refunded my cash.
  4. I took video and pictures of my amp before I shipped it off. He swapped the back panel of the amp (The back panel has the serial number on it). So it looks like it is mine, BUT IT IS NOT. It is totally ruined. Police will come this week to take a report. Paypal seemed furious because Paypal is out the $1,200.00 --> Will keep you guys posted. <--
  5. So Paypal ordered Charles Allen / Kevin Greg to ship the amp back to me. --> The amp was returned to me and the AND IS NOT MINE. He sent me HIS BROKEN AMP. I made a full video detailing me opening. --> On phone with Paypal. He has frauded Paypal out of $ 1,200.00. I will assist them to the ends of the earth to put this guy away. How dare you try and screw me over Kevin Gregg. What the fuck is wrong with you? You are going to get what is coming. You have been warned.
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