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  1. It can play down to 10 hertz now.
  2. redbaron80

    Autorama 2017

    Good show.
  3. redbaron80

    Autorama 2017

    AUTORAMA ROLL CALL. Two weeks away and only 7 posts?
  4. redbaron80

    Autorama 2017

  5. redbaron80

    Autorama 2017

    Who is ready? NOT ME.
  6. Will be at the Castle show (November 5th, Snelling, CA), for whoever wants a demo.
  7. redbaron80

    dBDRAG 2016 North American Finals

    Sup Mr. 162.2
  8. well, I got an additional 1.8dbs out of it at the last show. Whenever you are ready.
  9. I wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting and competing against Kenny at finals. He really pushed me to work my system to the max.