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  1. Thats what I want to look at when I take the Q out. I know the Motors look different but I want to see which one is bigger. Hopefully this month Come by and we will throw it in then have a beer
  2. Go with Tony, he will steer you in the right direction. He does a lot of testing to find the right kit to work with your setup. He will beat anyones price as well
  3. If you havent got it yet, send me the info so I can get it
  4. Have you measured voltage at the amp with a multimeter when it cuts out? Clipping it too much?
  5. Run them active. As far as power goes, keep the gain turned down a bit when tuning if your worried about power. I have a ZED 6 channel..... 190rms per channel at 4 ohm. Tweeters are supposed to handle like 75 or 100. when i tuned i just kept it low on the tweeter channels.
  6. 2500 is good to throw at a mayhem, says the guy who is putting a DD M4A on a pair of havocs lol. Havocs= 1500rms each right? And what does a M4A put out at 1ohm... 7k. Practice what you preach bro. OP, I am currently running a DC 5k on a single Mayhem. It takes it, but kinda quick to get the sub smelly. If you do it, just know when to turn it down some. No problem with having some headroom. And also i have ran that same sub/box on a Nendo 3k and a Nendo BC3500, and also was able to get the coil to smell some. Just know when to let up
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