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  1. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/150823-white-led-vu-dins/
  2. When the VU-din first dropped, wasnt there supposed to be a White LED version?
  3. Here you go brandon. I seen a DC 190 a while ago when i was in the market for a alt https://www.dcpowerinc.com/fit/GMC~Yukon~2006~5.3L-V8/8237-185-oem.html
  4. Ive had a few Black IPA's. The one that stands out to me is the Negative Ghost rider from FAction Brewery. The phrase for the description said it was a "Hoppy Stout" 21st Ammendment has there " Back in Black IPA" which is a year around brew and good.
  5. Here is some from my time away from social media. Cal Craft "The City" IPA Lupilin River Imperial IPA from Knee Deep Guiness The 1759. Amber ale my godson got me a while back The Hopacolypse from Drakes. Double IPA and they make a triple with the label being black on the bottle Ballast Point Big Eye IPA Black Sails Black IPA from Coronado Brewery Oak Town Brown from Cali Craft And my sister hooked her baby brother up! Been lookin for this and when she went to San Diego for a wedding she made it a point to get me a 6 pack of this. This is HOT!!!! Feel the heat for sure
  6. Sipping on a Lagunitas IPA tonight. Mmmm so good. Had school today and went down to a Craft beer liquor store thats down the street from the training facility. Picked up Knee Deep Lupulin double IPA, Ballast Point Big Eye IPA, Cali Craft "The City" IPA, and Heretic Shallow grave Porter. Will save those for another day though. My dad got me a " Alchemic Blind ambition" ale for my birthday last month. Maybe pop that open this weekend.
  7. Man, I gave up Facebook and Instagram for the season of lent ( catholic tradition). So all my beer pics I cant access for 40 days. I recently had Drakes Hopaclypse ( Double IPA), Ballast Point Black marlin Porter, Cali Craft Oaktown Brown ale, Drakes amber ale ( via a growler ) Firestone Wooky Jack Black Rye IPA, Rogue Doughnut ale,
  8. Thats hella cool. Only concern is that the person would swing too low and hit the pipe.
  9. A little project im gonna work on for my craft beer hobby, is make some shelfs and hang them in the garage. Glue bottom of the 22oz beers that I have tried ( been saving since maybe mid dec ) onto the shelf and kinda display them. I have about 20 bottles if not more of different brews that Ive tried and saved. I know of at least 5 bottles that the wife tossed. Also saving the different 6 pack labels, cutting them out and also displaying them maybe on the beer fridge.
  10. Got some more brews for ya SMD...... Lagunitas " Lil Brown Sugga" Seasonal brew that was good. Should have picked up some more Then some Lost Abbey Avant Garde. Second beer from the Lost Abbey brewery, and liked them both Ballast Point Fathom IPL. India Pale Lager, much stronger then a regular lager but still a little light. Love Ballast Point Firestone double IPA. From what I was told this won a couple of awards for best Double IPA last year. Never bothered to look it up Drink local Folks! Second porter ever and was the SHIT! Been having a rough couple weeks with some family stuff. Need to get down to Drakes and make a visit And finally, enjoying this from Stone as im typing this! Check out the date, my baby girls birthday. This is the reason why I got this one. Couldnt pass it up, and GOOD
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