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  2. Just a little video of the HHR playing. I have not been here in a while and alot has changed, as I will update info and also post pics of the new ride/system https://youtu.be/DiKQd-CMvUI?t=20s
  3. I had to trim part of the center pillar that holds the Bose headunit... As for "not" fitting I think it is due to the length with the large heat sink on the 80prs.. Single DIN does not take depth in account, only height...
  4. 80prs help

  5. Any updates on this? Might be looking at one of these as an option for a small stateside car... hmmm, DC5k, M3XL15's = door panels popping off... lol
  6. Dd-1 question

    Or a VU-Din... So you can watch both a sub amp and mids amp as well...
  7. New members are always good, and even better if they stay and become a active part of the forum... But it had gotten to the point that one contest had like 30 or 40 new no post members just here for the voting... But anyways spread the word and maybe a few will hang around and strike up a post or two...
  8. In the past people have fluffed the voting by getting people to sign up and vote, only to never return again (SOTM should promote Forum growth) ... That is what prompted the minimum post count, and then people were still doing things to bypass that... So the Admins took up the responsibility to make sure that the votes were legit...
  9. Yea just about but on a much smaller scale... I have a few more things to do to the truck before July 3rd, if things go my way it might be a totally different box for the 15's but that all depends if I get the plans in time for it to be built... For the outside stuff I plan to add leds as well...
  10. I do have a set in my doors, and I do enjoy them all the time... I live in Guantanamo Bay on the navy base, we have a lot of Jamaican folks here and their 'style' of car show is to use their car system as a mobile DJ booth... Where as when we give demos someone gets in the ride for the full effect and other video from the outside as we want the BASS... They like bass as well but are more towards the topend, so for them to 'demo' they use a set of speakers on top of their ride, instead of one person getting the 'demo' everyone gets it... So this was my answer to their style of doing things, the funny part is they all love my system but a few won't even think about sitting in it (and i am in no way 'loud')... Common comments from them... "need more topend", "you need a bigger truck", "too much Bass, need more top" to the last comment i took my subs and turned it almost off and the guy was 'yeah that is much better' so it is just a different style of listening... Oh and getting doors made here is a no go... And to have someone custom do them and ship is a ton $$$... So given my location and the challenges I have faced and still able to pull off a 149+ on the TL
  11. Here is a little project i have been working on... My truck plays well inside but here on the base the Jamaicans like to use their system as an impromptu DJ booth... As in they will put a set of book shelf speakers on top of their ride, and this is my answer to it... Takes about 5 mins to setup/tear down, and nothing inside the truck is affected... If someone is getting a true demo I can kill the outside audio as well... Thanks for looking...
  12. Thanks Bro... Not yet, I have a few things in the works (add second 5k haha) to push it over the 150+ and then going to rebuild with a 4th order but not totally sealed wall... I have Robin Butler doing the design now and hope to get things moving forward soon...