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  1. Just a little video of the HHR playing. I have not been here in a while and alot has changed, as I will update info and also post pics of the new ride/system https://youtu.be/DiKQd-CMvUI?t=20s
  2. Clean in and clean out is what you want... Setting the gains properly, provided you also know when the headunit clips should give you full CLEAN power out of an amp. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clipping_(audio)
  3. Ok, so this is what I came up with... I took the standard port picture I had and starting plugging numbers in using the xplicitaudio app... Over all size 18w x 12h x 14d with a 1 x 10.5 inch port that is 22 inches long... .79cu @ 38hz My big question is should this design work ok?
  4. Looking for a standard ported box design for a DC Audio m3 8... Will be just a single sub on a Taramps 800hd Thanks in advance...
  5. He has 4ohm as well... might need to e-mail him as just looks like the button is missing...
  6. I think he has a coupon so might even be cheaper... http://www.droppinhzcaraudio.com/dc-audio-m2-level-3-15/
  7. oh i know how it is... My old M2 XL's i was able to invert the gasket and was able to fit in the groove of the baffle... But the M3 baskets are a cunt hair bigger and would not fit with the gasket flipped, so they went in normal... and have fun playing with 80 pound monsters, I know my 57 pounders were a pain...
  8. When you flip the ring is hard to set right due to the lip... That is the issue...
  9. Are they going to be recessed in the baffle? or sitting on top? My XL's are recessed so I left the gasket normal, and there is a lip that you have to deal with...
  10. Ahhh, well I am down in Guantanamo Bay on the Navy base... And we don't have stores/stuff like that...
  11. If you can find a local composites supplier they might be able to help you find UV activated resin, though it can get pricey. I'll take it as you didn't read my location...
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