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  1. Around $175 shipped. That's what i usually see them sell for on the forums.
  2. i still have my double din we talked about, if you wanna buy it ill sell it to you bro
  3. a mint kenwood double din + cash on your end a SA15 straight trade or just cash
  4. Must be in good shape, 10/10 mechanically. Don't have much cash, I'm in FL prefer local sale. Let me know what you got!
  5. What front battery should I get? I was told I should get a group 34 size, but theres so many brands idk what to go with anyone wanna help out?
  6. OK sounds good if i go down that route. final question, will i be better off just forgetting about a 2nd bat, and upgrading to a yellow top or Kinetic under the hood?
  7. Well since I already have 7' of 1/0 and don't want to pull it out, could I just put a fuse and an extra 10' of 1/0 than another fuse and 1' of 1/0 to the battery? Using the fuse in the middle just to extend the wire?
  8. So that battery will be OK then? And I would run 1/0 straight to the trunk, but it's not long enough so I just wanna use the 4 AWG to extend it. And your saying to not ground the amps to the batterys negative terminal, even if 1/0 is ran from the negative terminal to a good ground? And I'm only running about 1300 watts RMS.
  9. btw this is the bat I will be using http://www.powerstridebattery.com/golf-cart-batteries/us-12v-xc-12-volt-golf-cart-battery
  10. So I get pretty bad head light dimming, and I was wondering if this battery will work. It's a 12 volt battery from a golf cart, its in good shape and holds charge good and all. It's rated at 155 AH, which is very good I've heard. (stock is only like 55 AH) It has the cells thingy, and takes water that needs to be refilled everyonce in a while...I wil be enclosing it in a box, so if it ever gets knocked over (ie i get rear ended or something) the water/bat acid won't leak every where. And finally, will this be a good way to wire it? I would run 1/0 all the way to the trunk but its not long enough so I want to do half 1/0, than dist block to 2 runs of 4 AWG, than another dist block to 1/0 to the + on the battery. And finally, will my stock alt be able to charge both batterys? It's only a 70A alternator, will it be good enough to charge the stock battery and the golf cart battery? I've already done the big 3 if that helps.
  11. I haven't tryed unhooking each one, I will try tomarrow. And the Ohm load I'm not sure on, but I'm pretty sure it should be 4 ohms.
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