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  1. So he got it candy painted new shoes and all the suspension work to let it sit under a tree?! Ballin at its best lol. Hope you get a face pic of the person whi comes to pick the amp up for shipping. They will never believe thats an amp lol
  2. ive been gone a while.but wow!! Just finished drooling over this and the 72 redo now on to the others. But this is bad ass!
  3. looks like ill be calling my insurance in the morning. i just hit a deer.

    1. Karkov


      You ever coming back bro

    2. 99vic


      Yep. Went on a unwanted vacation

  4. I saw you and your wife driving down madison tues . that damn lexus sounds like a beast!!!! Got a quick video
  5. thanks broski.. hope she does you well.
  6. oh snap i totally forgot to post feedback. thanks broham
  7. haha gotta get a sign or decal and put it where the handle is so when they look down its there
  8. hhahahahahaa kat williams is a fool.. may be old but i just found this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLPgn3JDSnA
  9. that right there is the definition of getting your wig blowed back!!! and that dc emblem on the grill is so sexy :good:
  10. yes i love blowing subs!!! #9 it is

    1. SQMonte


      I told you you they'll blow if the wind blew too hard, lol

    2. 99vic


      yea boy. same subs in my friends vic slap like no other.

  11. call me nukkah!!!

  12. being sick blows

    1. RickyFriery97


      hell yea, been sick for over a week now

    2. RickyFriery97


      hell yea, been sick for over a week now

    3. SQMonte


      Then you and being sick have something in common

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