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  1. my bike has some extra performance stuff. Different cams sprockets and stuff like that. But I think I'm gonna go back to stock sprocket until I'm a little more experienced. My bike likes to try to lift up. I was told that goimg back to the the stock sprocket will help eleminate that a little.
  2. Nice! Now that I've grown up after I get riding down and I'm rich I want a road king lol. Yeah I'm gonna take the class for sure. I've never heard anyone say it was pointless or they didn't learn anything.
  3. Interesting gas tips. I'll have to try that Thursday lol. I didn't get the bike to save on gas. Just got it to ride with my pops. More of a bonding thing. I was a knuckle head growing up so I didn't get along with my dad. We just started talking and getting along. (Within the last 3 years) my dad rides a lot so I figured riding with him would be a good thing for the both of us. I wanted a cruiser but the price on this bike was screaming my name lol. Matt bro you don't have a "bike" you sir have a rocket on wheels. Lol
  4. Yeah speeding could be an issue. I had to wait 6 years, now that I think I've grown up a little I think I'll be safe lmao.
  5. I might be a little off with 100 but no less than $85. I put chevron gas... but my Tahoe is also a 97 4x4 with 230k still runs great, I think I get about 12 mpg lol may get 13 now that ibtook my insane heavy chinese rims off lmao Just checked my bank. I put 87.40 and still has a 1/4 tank of gas lol
  6. I feel you on the gas. I put damn near 100$ in my Tahoe every Thurs. Its killing me lol. I have a little cavalier but no ac I'd rather pay more in gas and have ac lmao. I thought having abike would be cooler nope hot as shit still. May be something to do with my helmet. But def not as cool as I thought it would be hahaha. But my real purpose of getting the bike is to ride with my pops.. He's gonna be moving from southern Cali back up north so I gotta get a little experience.
  7. I've been wanting a motorcycle for many years. Really a cruiser. But now that ive grown up enough, I found a deal I couldn't pass up. Got myself a 2003 Kawasaki zx6r 636. Not a very fat people friendly bike but oh well. Gives me a better reason to shed a few pounds lol. I hear a lot of people saying 600 are not good bla bla bla. But this bike has plenty power for me. Has some upgrades. Cams sprockets chain and some other stuff. However it needs a side fairing and a front. Which were ordered today. Once those get here I think I'm going to paint the bike white. Anyway just thought I'd show off my new toy.
  8. Yeah I just got off the phone with paypal . they said they could approve me over the phone. Got it figured out. The lazy fuck I spoke to earlier just didn't want to take the time (6mins to be exact) to manually do the work. But they did have to use my social and birthday to over ride the issue... Wonder why..
  9. I can but first PayPal wants me to fax or send a copy of a bill with my address a copy of my SSN and my id .. Then it takes a few days to clear.
  10. Also the deal wasn't done on here. Just posting here because I felt this is the best place for advice lol
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