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  1. That's a thick, thick baffle you got there. Looks really nice.
  2. There are helpful posts in this thread. The OP needs many things. Component speakers multi-channel amplifier wiring alteranator upgrade battery etc
  3. It's sarcastic humor. Why do so many of you guys have a tough time with it?
  4. No alt upgrade. No batteries. No front stage. Only the sub and monoblock amp matter...
  5. You have a sub and an amplifier. That's all there is to car audio.
  6. Just keep it on the downlow. I have a reputation to maintain.
  7. 1.25 cubes per sub sealed. 1.75 cubes per sub ported. I hope this post isn't too helpful. I obviously don't know my shit and I'd hate to piss anyone off.
  8. great work. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  9. You don't have a job or a lincense, correct? You just spent money on audio equipment for a vehicle you can't currently drive, correct? If these things are true, you definitely aren't "heading in a good direction so far".
  10. Get a Crescendo 3kWP. It's the same amp, just has a different heatsink.
  11. I've bought it from 3 different Walmart stores. They always have black and charcoal grey. It's in the automotive section (where the floormats are).
  12. The carpet Walmart carries really isn't that bad. I've used it quite a few times...
  13. Incriminator recommends; sealed: 1.5 - 2 cubes ported: 3 cubes
  14. The stupidity on this forum is out of control. Incriminator Audio builds fantastic equipment. The Flatlyne is no exception...
  15. chud

    Hot Amp

    It's not just the size of it that's horrible either. It's content is just as awful. Do we need to see logos for everything in your car or hear about the lame ass capacitor you don't even have?
  16. chud

    Hot Amp

    OP, please do something about your sig. It's ridiculous.
  17. I think you should do a wall with one each of the following. 18" DC Level 5 15" Audioque HDC3 12" Alpine Type R 10" Kicker CVR 8" DD 1508 That would cover almost everything.
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