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  1. Win troll always wins.

  2. - Secure the batt where you want it to go. - Connect 1/0 awg cable from + under hood to + on rear batt. - Connect 1/0 awg cable from - under hood to vehicle chassis or - on rear batt.
  3. cant believe you get your kicks by sitting inside all day sitting on the computer saying stupid shit. GROW UP DUMB FUCK or leave already

  4. Contact DC for pricing info. You ain't getting a Level 2 for less than $100 unless you buy used.
  5. The 300 is a nice ride. They're roomy, comfortable and classy looking with slight modifications.
  6. If you're waiting until next summer, try to put back enough for the SRT8 model...
  7. There's a guy on caraudio.com that does custom aluminum machining. I think his name is toolmaker. Maybe he can help you out with this...
  8. dude for real just grow the fuck up. your 31, my age so act like it or GTFO. go back to ca.com or wherever the BS lives ya douche fag

  9. I'm sorry for telling you the truth. Oh yeah, there's no 8" SEx either. :fyi:
  10. The HDC3 15" will perform well in 4-4.5 cubes after woofer and port displacement. Tune between 35 & 40Hz. Shoot for 16 sq inches of port per cubic foot.
  11. The Level 1 subs aren't available. Email dcaud[email protected] or call (775)-425-5700 for DC pricing info.
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