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  1. Thanks for all the replies guys, guess I'm gunna go ahead an build it and see what happens. Will update with progress as the build comes along!
  2. Hey all, I just acquired a new civic hatch and of course, want to add some subs. I've been playing with the torres calc and lurking through old posts, but I haven't come across any designs like the one I'm planning. I'm wondering if there's any reason not to build this way? the port length is correct, measured at the center height line. Only thing I guess I'd be worried about is my port ratio, as it's over 4:1, or should this be a non-issue? The subs going in will be the demon 10", run at 1ohm to an old hifonics brutus 1200.1D amp that claims 1200w at that resistance.
  3. dat rolls ugly... This has to be a hoax, not enough time to do this. It would mean 7.7 calls a min, plus a email every 5 min, plus 4 text messages every min, 31 singing messages a day, plus 92 letters a day. Sorry even if she was a crack addict up 24/7, she would not have enough time or brains to accomplish all this in a week. hahaha the logic you find on this board is sometimes uncanny, almost to a fault!
  4. looks exactly like my schedule. Going into sophomore year engineering?
  5. water and monster….on that finals grind
  6. Steve, dope build as always. I'm pretty surprised Craftsman hasn't sponsored you by now and put you in a commercial as "the ultimate craftsman" or something lol. Also, purely out of my curiosity, why did you go with a 6th and then 4th order rather than just a ported box? I know you have a reason, but knowing as little as I do about how being in open air changes things, I would have thought a ported box would be best in order to have maximum air displacement through the larger area of the woofer cone. Anyone else please feel free to chime in, just trying to admire some beautiful work and learn a thing or two keep it up steve!
  7. "and it….sends waves…..of sound….through your seat….yeah" hahah steve. Dope build so far though, your installs are cleaner than the inside of a lysol factory! I can't wait till you get on that box! Keep it up man!
  8. Team Audio Assault meet tomorrow 6-8pm at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. Be there or be a truncated cone!

  9. the interior is beyond gorgeous but damn the exterior is uglier than all hell
  10. Girl's system almost done!

    1. Nick580


      bet its louder than mine lol

    2. bumpinTL364
  11. My exact wordsWhat would posses anyone to think this is remotely acceptable?? and yet the remote wire seems fine….how the f----….????
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