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  1. I actually did a power test and was able to pull 3600 watts out of the 7k2e with my electrical sysytem (DC Power 300 amp alt, 1/0 Knukoncepts wire throughout, 1 Kinetik 2400 & 1 Kinetik 1400 batts). Ive never done any kind of personal Sub comparisons so I cant say if SMD subs meter better or worse than other brands. The 3600 watts was pulled on a burp that lasted about 5 seconds, so daily I was probably getting far less than that. The SMD took my daily beatings like a champ. As soon as I get more cash im getting twins!!!
  2. I sold this setup for spending money on my first ever trip to Vegas (I live in Hawaii). Do I regret it........ That's a tough call!!!
  3. Sorry, i didnt meter it while doing this video. This was just to capture the excursion. The highest I ever metered w this setup was 144 @ around 37 - 38 hz (legal). Its like 1 a.m. where i live and I was totally spacing out on that previous post. Haha
  4. TL Score? 144.0 in a Toyota Yaris Sedan (trunk car) mic at dashboard windows sealed.
  5. @ skittles - thanks bro, gonna call the local shop and try and get the pioneer cable
  6. @ skittles - kinda lost on what you did lol. Anyway, all these responses gave me a little glimmer of hope that I might see Rick Ross' big ass beard pop up on mu HU screen. I'm in my car at this very moment being let down once again. It seems some info is getting passed on to the HU, everything except the audio and video haha. I'm able to scroll through my playlists and select the videos from the deck and the time bar on the bottom of the screen shows time elapsing BUT NO FUCKING VIDEO OR SOUND! i give up Oh yeah, I tried the 3.5 mm jack in the iPod as well as the HU
  7. @ fr34kout - yeah, I got something like that just.....I got mine off eBay. Not sure if the one direct from pioneer is any different. Are you able to play iPod video on your HU. Did you pick up a cable from tanner?
  8. I have a Pioneer avh 3100 2 din DVD headunit, does anyone know how to play iPod music videos on this HU? In other words, play the music videos on the iPod and have it show up (audio & video) on the HU. I am using the USB cable that has the standard headphone jack connected to it also. Just don't know if there is some kind of trick I can do or do I need to buy a SUPER expensive accessory? Thanks
  9. Hahaha, someones got they're thinking cap on! Nah, guy says there brand new and rest at 12.4 Just doin some homework before I invest. I think maybe they been sitting on display for a bit. I'm getting a "brand new" hc 1200 & hc 2400 for a pretty damn good deal, I think. If your bored and want to know how much of a deal send pm.
  10. So 12.4 - 12.5 should be good then. I'm on it!!! Thanks
  11. What voltage should a brand new HC 2400 rest at? Buying one today!
  12. I'm in desperate need of at least 2 batteries but I will wait until I can afford both rather than buy one at a time
  13. Isn't mixing old batts w/ new bad? You bring the new battery to the same state as the old one when you mix. So eventually you'll have 2 batterys at whatever point the "stock battery" is at. I live off grid solar and never mix old batteries w/ new ones. In other words if your stock batt is 50% good then your 100% new battery will be brought down to the stock 50% in a very short period of time.
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