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  1. Trying to do a stupid clean install and need a small enough amp to fit in a little cubby that my WRX has in the trunk. What are some micro amps out there that aren't complete crap and can push 500w RMS @ 2 ohms? thanks for your help guys~
  2. It is ridiculously loud again, the only issue.. my speakers can't keep up, the bass drowns them out for once? I have my kenwood headunit set to the max volume without clipping(27/35) and my sub set to that volume level without distortion according to my dd-1. I replaced the shitty factory subaru wrx speakers with Kenwood KFC-1665S all the way around. My speakers are still being drowned out by my subs and this never was the case before in any other car. Any ideas on what to do here?
  3. here's what I can say. The WRX/STI is an absolute pig, I'm getting 18mpg driving like a grandma everywhere. It's fun to drive but it sucks having to fill up the tank so often on a overall more expensive car.
  4. I wanted one but couldn't justify the way higher price tag
  5. Hey guys so I'm installing a system in my WRX, here's my quick sketchup of 2/3 of the big 3. I can not figure out where to place the 3rd part of the big 3, the negative to engine block(?) here's my 30 second shitty paint mockup, can someone help me to figure out where to put the 3rd wire?
  6. Looking to sell my Audiopipe 10001d. This little bastard was so surprisingly powerful I kept it for a lot longer than I intended and used it for even my most recent build of 2 skar 10 vvx's. Anyways looking to get rid of this for the coilover fund. Missing 2 of the little screws for the subwoofer wiring outputs. The two required for the mono which is what the amp is used for anyways are there.
  7. I was holding onto this for just the cool factor of winning it in a contest Steve ran a couple years back, but I'm aiming for a set of coilovers now so excess stuff has to go. Hopefully someone can make some use of it, I wanted to but never got around to it since I got my new car right after i won it lol Proof: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/125534-test-bench-amplifier-giveway-3-crunch-amps-for-3-subscribers/ I'd like to get $65.00 shipped for it as shipping alone is gonna be pricey lol
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